World of Tanks update 9.2 adds Strongholds mode, "HD" vehicle models, more

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You can tell a lot about a tank by its name, by which I mean you can tell almost nothing, as evidenced by that beauty up there. That's the British Churchill I, and it doesn't look a thing like the British Prime Minister during WWII, or even that nodding dog that flogs people car insurance. It does, however, look like the kind of vehicle that could rip another tank to shreds, and that's probably more useful in a game called 'World of Tanks'. This more detailed Churchill's being added as part of WoT's 9.2 update, along with revamped Soviet IS and SU-100s, and a prettier German StuG III. Wargaming have also reworked a few maps and added a brand new game mode named Strongholds.

World of Tanks update 9.0 out now, adds HD tanks, reworked maps and historical battles

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A new update for World of Tanks is now available worldwide. Patch 9.0, named New Frontiers, is the first step in Wargaming's plan to massively overhaul the game. The update introduces new "high definition" models and textures for ten of the game's tanks. For now, those deadly machines get to lord it over their foes as the prettiest tanks in all the land. It's like Cinderella. With tanks.

World of Tanks video introduces upcoming physics system, destructible buildings

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Wargaming have announced a new series of development diaries that will outline their planned features across the next year of World of Tanks. Where their update videos are often thumping, brash affairs that take to the internet, screaming "TAAAAAAAAANKS!", these videos are altogether more considered. The first, detailing an upgraded physics system, sports a contemplative frown, a raised eyebrow, and a metaphorically muttered "hmm... tanks?". It is likely the first time in history that Sigmund Freud has been used as the justification for destructible building physics.

World of Warplanes' first update brings new planes, arenas, achievements

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Wargaming today announced that the first update to its newly launched World of Warplanes will release later this week. It will include 14 new planes, two new battle arenas, and new epic and tiered achievements. If you log into the game between December 23 and January 16 you'll also get a free premium plane to celebrate the update, the Curtiss Model 68C Hawk III.

Go shoot some stuff out of the sky in World of Warplanes, now available

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World of Warplanes, the free-to-play air combat game from the creators of World of Tanks, is now officially online. The game currently features the planes of five nations and over 100 different planes, but the real key to watch will be Wargaming’s ongoing updates and support. As was the case with World of Tanks, World of Warplanes can expect frequent updates and balances and a steady stream of new content.

World of Warplanes landing soon in open beta territory

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Vroom! That's the friendly roar of Wargaming's next entry in the war-vehicle niche, revving its engine in preparation for the cinematic battles ahead. It released the news today that its aerial combat MMO, World of Warplanes, has now got a fixed date for open beta, with a trail of warplane screenshots scattered hopefully like breadcrumbs before us.

World of Tanks celebrates 60 million registered users with explosive CGI spectacle

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The normal reaction to a CGI trailer is to express mild annoyance that you're not seeing real in-game footage. But we already have loads of in-gamefootage for World of Tanks. Because it's out. So why this lavish, cinematic spectacle? It's because Wargaming.net have just announced 60 million registered users and, presumably, when that many people are playing your game, you can afford to splash out on frivolous promotion.

World of Tanks reinvents in-game store to remove "pay-to-win" items, pushes for eSports presence

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Wargaming, the creators of the hugely successful World of Tanks and the upcoming World of Warships and World of Warplanes, has announced big changes in what gamers can and can’t purchase inside its games. Any item or upgrade that can provide an advantage in battle will no longer be available for purchase, putting and end to “pay-to-win”-style power disparities.

World of Tanks developer to unify premium accounts across all titles

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World of Tanks developer Wargaming has announced an update to its free-to-play gaming portal that may alter the way players make use of its online economy. Set to go live sometime during the open beta phase of the tank-blasting title's sister game, World of Warplanes, what's being called the Unified Premium Account should allow benefits earned in one Wargaming world to be used in any other.

World of Project Tanks? Wargaming files lawsuit against "disturbingly similar" tank game

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World of Tanks creator Wargaming.net has filed a legal complaint against Project Tank, a browser-based multiplayer tank game being developed by Chinese developers Gamease and Changyou.

Gas Powered Games working on a "free-to-play triple-A MMO," may be renamed

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European strategy gaming giant Wargaming picked up troubled studio Gas Powered Games back in February after its all-in Wildman Kickstarter campaign failed. Though Wildman is no more (for now, at least), Gas Powered’s remainder—including founder Chris Taylor—appears close to completing its Wargaming integration. Speaking to Polygon, Taylor says the studio’s temporary new name is Wargaming Seattle, and it’s now busy with a “free-to-play, triple-A MMO with PVP.”

World of Tanks announce Chinese warmachines - tech tree and trailer within

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World of Tanks has got a lot of tanks. But has it got enough?! Not yet, say Wargaming.net, announcing the forthcoming introduction of yet more mechanical monsters, this time based on designs and prototypes developed by the Chinese. Hit the jump for loads of screens from the incoming update, a tech tree and a trailer, too.

World of Tanks update 8.1 brings Brits to the battle with the Royal Tank Corps

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Wargaming's epic MMO tank battler has received an update which adds a slew of new steel monsters and visually overhauls a number of battle arenas in which to test their mettle. And their metal. World of Tanks patch 8.1 introduces players to the expansive armoury of Britain's Royal Tank Corps, with its 22 new behemoths including the likes of the Vickers Medium Mk I tank, the Centurion Mk. I-IV, the Centurion Mk. V-XI, the Matilda medium, the FV 214 Conqueror and the Churchill.

World of Tanks patch 8.0 overhauls visuals, physics, tank behavior

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Wargaming's World of Tanks probably offers the best multiplayer experience of smashing together rolling metal boxes of death for your money's worth (read: absolutely free). Even deadly military hardware benefits from extreme makeovers, and Wargaming's anticipated patch 8.0 releases today with significant upgrades to visuals and physics in addition to a new fleet of tanks and a small army of minor balance tweaks.

World of Tanks to be overhauled with new physics and improved graphics in Update 8.0

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Wargaming has announced a huge update for World of Tanks -- Update 8.0 -- which includes an "improved game engine," new features, and new content. Most notably, the update is said to introduce "realistic tank movement physics" to the engine. See the bullet points and trailer inside...