Ubisoft Shanghai

Far Cry 4 reportedly surfaces on Ubisoft designer's resume

Patrick Carlson at

Expected sequels to popular games often begin their public lives as tiny echoes awash in the din of our media age. Far Cry 4 seems to be following this familiar pattern, with an Ubisoft Shanghai game designer listing—and then removing—a reference to the sequel from his LinkedIn resume, according to a report at Joystiq.

Trials Evolution: Gold Edition crash-lands on Steam, reloads, crashes again

Tom Sykes at

After mucking around on the Xbox 360 for a few too many years, Trials is finally back where it belongs: on PC. As our preview explained earlier this week, Trials Evolution: Gold Edition is no simple port. It includes every piece of content from Trials HD, its similarly Xbox-exclusive predecessor, all of which have been rebuilt in the Evolution engine. That makes for 129 tracks and mini-games in total - or a "crapton", in technical terms. The game hits digital stores today, and yer actual brick-and-mortar ones tomorrow, once the game's jumped over that large gap, survived some explosions and done the loop-de-loop. You'll find a bone-shattering launch trailer below.

Trials Evolution bunny-hops the console fence, lands on PC this March

Phil Savage at

RedLynx sure know how to keep a platform waiting. Their breakout biking hit, the 2D motorbike platformer Trials 2: Second Edition, launched on Steam back in 2008. Since then they moved their game-development garage to Xbox Live Arcade, making the expanded and enhanced Trials HD and the flipping brilliant Trials Evolution. Unfortunately, it seemed as if the PC had been long left in the dust. Instead, RedLynx appear to have been biding their time for a dramatic re-entry, as they've now announced Trials Evolution: Gold Edition.