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Planetary Annihilation gets big update, new release date set for "when it's done"

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Uber Entertainment has announced a substantial new beta build for Planetary Annihilation, which has been available on Steam Early Access since September. Last week, it also said that it's delaying the release of the game until "it's done."

Uber Entertainment has used the Steam Controller and likes it

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Valve has been sending around its Steam Controller prototype to various game developers since its announcement last week. The latest crew to lay hands on it is Uber Entertainment, creator of Planetary Annihilation and Super Monday Night Combat. So far, the developer likes it.

Planetary Annihilation trailer heralds the launch of beta, the annihilation of planets

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Call your game Planetary Annihilation and you're making a pretty big promise that, at some point, a planet is going to be destroyed into bits. Fitting then, that to mark its move into beta, Uber have implemented the first version of their planet smashing tech into the RTS. You can see it in action in this new trailer, which also features plenty of smaller scale battles between robots that, ultimately, get squished into paste.

Planetary Annihilation gets intergalactic lore download ahead of tomorrow's beta release

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Planetary Annihilation is still winding its way through the final stages of development, but lost in all of the galactic domination and throwing-planets-at-other-planets is the real question: what’s my motivation? A new update for Kickstarter backers details the lore and various factions, also known as the planet-throwers and the planet-throwees.

Planetary Annihilation beta planned for release later this month

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According to Uber Entertainment's latest update to Kickstarter backers, the alpha RTS Planetary Annihilation is on course for a beta release later in the month. Alongside the expected fixes and features that are planned as part of the milestone, the beta will also give players the ability to cause planetary annihilation. Hey, that's the name of the game!

Dean Hall: "If DICE wanted to kill Arma, all they'd need to do is release modding tools"

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Speaking at our PC Gaming World Congress last Friday, DayZ creator Dean Hall responded to an audience question about server-side games and what they mean for modding. Specifically, the question cited SimCity 4's modding community and what's happened with Maxis' always-online SimCity reboot, which can't support significant modding. Will the trend of developer-controlled servers mean an end to all mods?

Planetary Annihilation offers early-access to alpha

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Uber Entertainment announced today an early-access program for its in-development strategy game Planetary Annihilation. Commanders eager to dive into this RTS must have a Windows 64-bit system to take part in the alpha-stage program through Steam. The chance to get an early look, however, will require some sacrifice.

Planetary Annihilation planning December release, alpha access begins next week

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Planetary Annihilation developers Uber Entertainment have, like an impending asteroid attack, come crashing down onto some solid release plans for their galaxy-spanning RTS. The big reveal is the first teasing of a final launch date - just glancing the end of the year with a planned December release. Those unafraid to battle amongst the rough code of the alpha will get the chance to try the game much sooner, however. The end of next week, in fact.

Planetary Annihilation puts on the gun show in recent livestream

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The alpha version of Planetary Annihilation is set to perform an orbital drop to the Earth's surface sometime this month, but in the meantime developers Uber Entertainment have done a big old livestream showing how combat is shaping up in the RTS with the ridiculous sense of scale. Spoiler: it's looking rather exciting, with clear iconography giving way to more traditional detail when you zoom right into the planet's surface. Also: terrain deformation/scorch marks, which always makes me do a happy dance for some reason. While it looks the part, however, there's still a ton of inconsequential, two-minute-job stuff like AI to program, which will hopefully be in there when the alpha annihilates our PCs this May.

Planetary Annihilation gameplay video shows unannihilated planet, alpha planned for May

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I could probably spend hours just zooming in and out of Planetary Annihilation's forested planets. Space! Ground. Space! Ground. Spaaaace! Until I can—the "end of May," if Uber Entertainment hits the alpha release goal it sets at the end of this video—we can all see the scale of the Kickstarted RTS in today's archived livestream, in which Uber's Steve Thompson and Jon Mavor walk us through pre-alpha gameplay.

Planetary Annihilation devs show planet creation tech, clever unit pathfinding

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Planetary Annihilation creators Uber recently ran fans through the tools they're using to develop the Kickstarter funded RTS. While the resulting hour-long video doesn't feature any footage from the actual game, it's full of in-engine insights into how the team's tools are helping them build what looks to be a cleverly thought out strategy. Also: constant, slightly hilarious, iris wipe transitions. At least it wasn't star wipes.

Planetary Annihilation screenshots show buildings, units, unit cannon

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A bunch of early Planetary Annihilation screenshots have popped up on the Planetary Annihilation blog, showing a wide selection of prototype building and unit designs (thanks, PCGamesN). Uber Entertainment count a number of Gas Powered Games and Cavedog veterans among their number, so some of the models will look quite famliar to Total Annihilation and Supreme Commander players.

We have played those games rather a lot, so we gathered round an office screen and nerd out over an aerial overview, trying to identify and label every structure and robot. I've scribbled our guesses all over one of the screenshots below. How close were we?

Planetary Annihilation available for tiered pre-order, $60 tier and up grants early access

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If you missed out on the quite successful Kickstarter for Uber's celestial-body-colliding RTS, Planetary Annihilation, you can now guarantee yourself a copy (barring the actual moon crashing into the actual earth before this summer.) Three tiers are available on Uber's own store, priced at $40, $60, and $90. The two higher tiers will grant you access to the game earlier — though you may want to read our recent Face Offs on paid betas and early adopters before you let that influence your decision.

Planetary Annihilation Kickstarter now over $2 million, Uber is livestreaming the last 2 hours

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Since our reveal of Planetary Annihilation and the launch of its Kickstarter campaign, Uber Entertainment has raised over $2.1 million. They've blown past every stretch goal they announced, adding naval units, water planets, gas giants, metal and lava planets, expanded orbital gameplay, and a full orchestral score to the upcoming macro-RTS. They even plan to produce a documentary on the making of the game.

Planetary Annihilation gets new stretch goal: galactic war

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Planetary Annihilation's Kickstarter push has gone into overdrive. $1.3m has been pledged already, which means we'll get gas giants and improved orbital units. $1.5m is the next goal. That'll give Uber the funds to create lava and metal planets, which is all very nice, except yesterday they announced a new $1.8m goal: GALACTIC WAR.

Planetary Annihilation announces stretch goals: naval units, gas and water planets

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The Planetary Annihilation Kickstarter has passed two-thirds of its original $900,000 goal in eight days of its 30-day timeframe. To celebrate this success, they've announced their first two stretch goals. In case you missed our exclusive preview, or our colossal interview with Uber's John Mavor, check 'em out to learn what the Total Annihilation successor is all about.

Planetary Annihilation interview

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Uber Entertainment’s Jon Mavor spoke with us for two hours about RTS games, his history with Total Annihilation and Supreme Commander, and his plans for Planetary Annihilation. We’ve edited that interview to highlight some of the most distinctive elements of Planetary Annihilation, and bore into greater detail about exactly how the game's ridiculous technology, scale, and design will work.

Looking for the Kickstarter? Look no further!

Super Monday Night Combat review

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The original Monday Night Combat existed in limbo between the third-person shooter and MOBA genres, with the lane-pushing of Defense of the Ancients saddled onto shootouts between a scant six classes. Super takes everything that was good about the first game (constant activity, dynamic quips from a clichéd play-by-play commentator, and irreverent character design) but puts more of its chips into MOBA design.

Super Monday Night Combat accidentally releases a day early

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Vacations, Christmas, and early game releases are all things that don't happen enough. Earlier today Super Monday Night Combat developers, Uber Entertainment, accidentally surprised eager fans when the game appeared available on Steam a day early. Executive Producer Chandana Ekanayake responded on the forums saying, "We did a bunch of invites over the weekend and there was some wonkiness on how the messaging went out with lots of confusion which resulted in more silliness. We decided to just open it up. There will be an announcement about it on Steam soon." Whether this was intentional or just a casual mishap, we're stoked to get our hands on the game even a day early.

Super Monday Night Combat hybridizes MOBA mechanics with team-based shooters like TF2. You can download the game for free via the game's page on Steam now.

Monday Night Combat trailer rides a giant chicken

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Uncle Tully's Funland map will soon be playable in Crossfire mode in Monday Night Combat, along with a number of new features, not least the addition of a giant chicken. You can shoot the bird until it flies away to earn your team a useful health boost. When it lands, you can jump on and ride the armoured cock for bonus money. The update also adds new bot spawners and more. For the full details, check out the Monday Night Combat site.