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Bat-ass: Infinite Crisis is a DC Comics MOBA from Turbine

Omri Petitte at

Just about anything can be turned into a MOBA these days—gods, sequels, and even Gandalf. The spaghettified web of comic book worlds and their classic hero vs. villain pairings seems like a natural fit for the teamwork and ability synergy found in those games, and Turbine agrees, bridging characters from the DC comic books with MOBA mechanics in Infinite Crisis, which will be free to play later this year.

Lord of the Rings Online is finally free-to-play in Europe

Tom Senior at

After a long wait, Lord of the Rings is now free to download and play for players in Europe. Read on for how to sign up, and details on some of the new additions to the game. You'd be a fool of a Took not to try it.