Free-to-play "makes sense" for Blizzard at some point

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World of Warcraft is one of the few remaining games you can point to as an example of the subscription model still being viable, but it seems even Blizzard are considering embracing free-to-play down the line. Speaking to Polygon, Blizzard's Tom Chilton said that it "makes sense [to go free-to-play] at some point", though they're still unsure of how this would work out in the long term.

E3 2014: Predicions and wild, feral speculation

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We used the only viable fuel source with the world's only time machine to visit E3 2014, and bring back the gaming news of the future for you, our loyal readers. The haters will say we could have done something more beneficial for humanity with this singular opportunity, but we usually just ban people like that. What new boxes will you be able to plug into your TV? Will everyone own a Rift? Do your emotional scars from Game of Thrones Season 3 ever heal? We have the 100 percent accurate, non-speculative answers to all this and more.

Blizzard registers "Project Blackstone" domain

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Blizzard Entertainment has registered the domain name ProjectBlackstone.com, effective November 26. It's fairly common to hear about this sort of thing with Blizzard. Going all the way back to World of Warcraft's Burning Crusade expansion, we've been teased with the titles of their unreleased products courtesy of... whoever it is that spies on domain registries. In this case, we got the tip from fan site Titan Focus, which is dedicated to Blizzard's upcoming franchise-launch currently known internally as Titan.

World's new fastest supercomputer powered by gaming tech

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The TITAN system based at Oak Ridge National Laboratory has usurped IBM's sequoia to become the fastest supercomputer in the world, the Economist report. It took three years to build 200 cabinet mega-PC, which has managed to boost ahead of its closest rival with some help from the tech we use in our graphics cards every day.

Titan replaces Oak Ridge's Jaguar computer, a powerful system that ran on traditional CPU chips. Titan uses GPUs to reach greater speeds more efficiently. "Titan’s peak performance is more than 20 petaflops – or 20 million billion floating-point operations per second – about 90 percent of which comes from 18,688 NVIDIA Tesla K20 GPU accelerators," they say on the Nvidia site.

Titan's team is over 100 people

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Blizzard's main font of attention right now certainly involves pudgy pandas punching everything in sight, but an interview by Curse with Blizzard vice president of game design Rob Pardo reveals the developer plowing full steam ahead with its mysterious Titan MMO project using a team of over 100 people.

Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion screenshots show Titan class battleships

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Rebellion will be the first standalone expansion for the marvellous 4X space strategy, Sins of a Solar Empire. It'll split the universe into two factions, loyalists and rebels. You can join one side or the other to gain access to new tech trees and alternative versions of each faction's most powerful vessels.

The expansion will also add jumbo sized battlecraft called Titans. These monsters will be even bigger than capital ships and will be able to take on enemy fleets single-handedly. They'll get to dissolve incoming pirate raids with new giant laser beams, prettified by a new lighting engine. See Titans and their pet lasers in action in these new screenshots.

Blizzcon 2011 kicks off today, here's what to expect

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The annual festival celebrating all things Blizzard is set to kick of later today. We've flown Rich out to kill ten wordboars and level up his reporting skills till he finds us some news, and there's sure to be plenty. Blizzard are pretty guarded as to what's on the agenda, but there are some huge potential announcements. We'll be covering them all for you throughout the two day event.

Blizzard talks user-created content in WoW, writing for Titan

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Much as I've always wanted to design a questline in which Grom Hellscream comes back to life and makes my world whole again, World of Warcraft's a straight shooter when it comes to story. Sure, users can mod the UI, but – compared to, say, City of Heroes' Mission Architect – the possibilities are far from limitless. Don't think, however, that Blizzard hasn't considered putting the “craft” back in Warcraft.

Blizzard's Titan: what we can learn from the latest WoW patch?

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But does minor technical problem in WoW confirm MMOFPS plans, and what does it mean for anyone looking to develop a low latency MMO?