The Ship


The Ship 2 cruising to Kickstarter on Halloween

Tom Sykes at

Remember The Ship? You know, the innovative cruise ship-based multiplayer murder game that entertained us back in 2006? It went on to spawn a Hollywood-themed follow-up, Bloody Good Time, and arguably inspired the multiplayer bits of the recent Assassin's Creeds. We thought it had been hit by an iceberg, along (sadly) with developers Outerlight but it turns out The Ship 2 is unexpectedly plotting a course for Kickstarter.

Today's other news: Mass Effect in Sins of a Solar Empire, The Ship gets a sequel

T.J. Hafer at

Place these paddles firmly on your chest and hit "Read More" to get your end-of-day gaming news fix applied directly to your circulatory system. Dawn of the Reapers is bringing Mass Effect's most notable starfaring conflict to Sins of a Solar Empire, and The Ship's developers are looking to float a Kickstarter-funded sequel.