The Ship 2 cruising to Kickstarter on Halloween

Remember The Ship ? You know, the innovative cruise ship-based multiplayer murder game that entertained us back in 2006? It went on to spawn a Hollywood-themed follow-up, Bloody Good Time , and arguably inspired the multiplayer bits of the recent Assassin's Creeds. We thought it had been hit by an iceberg, along (sadly) with developers Outerlight, but it turns out The Ship 2 is unexpectedly plotting a course for Kickstarter.

The game's crowdfunding page will go live on Kickstarter's new UK site on October 31st, which coincidentally is when the site itself is set to launch. Spooky. Despite that, The Ship: Full Steam Ahead will feature on both the US and UK services simultaneously, so you'll be able to pledge in dollars or pounds sterling - but not in Red Dwarf's fancy dollarpounds.

We won't know much about the game until that page sneaks onto the internet, but we do know that the original developers won't be involved - publisher Blazing Griffin bought the rights to The Ship from Outerlight back in 2011. In other news, if you like vague bits of concept art then, hoo boy, are you in luck. The following image offers a very tiny glimpse of what we presume are the new playable characters. They all look a bit... roboty.

Tom Sykes

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