The Lost Shores

ArenaNet implores Guild Wars 2 players to "judge by details" in Ascended gear debate

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The ordeal began with one word: Ascended. During Guild Wars 2's Lost Shores event two weeks ago, ArenaNet introduced a new intermediary gear tier bestowing superior stats and a clearly defined upgrade path from Exotic items—a vertical progression structure many players felt betrayed the developer's design manifesto set forth years ago. In a Reddit AMA thread (via Eurogamer), ArenaNet co-founder Mike O'Brien reiterated his position and appealed to the community for understanding.

ArenaNet responds to Guild Wars 2 Ascended gear backlash

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ArenaNet triggered a divisive debate when it announced the arrival of Ascended gear as part of the Lost Shores mini-expansion arriving this Friday. As a stopgap against the "Legendary wall" of end-game gear tiers, Ascended loot constitutes direct upgrades from the current Exotic armors. Scores of Tyria's defenders took to the forums lamenting the MMO's "grindification." In a message sent yesterday, Studio Design Director Chris Whiteside attempted to calm the rising storm.

ArenaNet overviews Ascended gear in Guild Wars 2

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As part of Guild Wars 2's crab-tacular Lost Shores update launching November 16, Ascended gear's role is an intermediary bridge between the current Exotic and Legendary tiers. ArenaNet's explanatory post reveals how a critical mechanic of Lost Shores' new Fractals of the Mists dungeon underscores Ascended loot's importance in addition to combating the so-called "Legendary wall" encountered by end-game players.

Guild Wars 2 Lost Shores event washes up November 16

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It looks like Ferocious Ness finally talked. ArenaNet updated its website for Guild Wars 2's impending Lost Shores update with a timing schedule for the mysterious one-time, log-on-or-you'll-miss-it event "changing Tyria forever." Did Rush finally consent to a concert at Divinity's Reach? Probably not, since we're fairly sure anything of importance involves the ghastly purple karka pictured above.

Guild Wars 2 teases The Lost Shores event, which will "change Tyria forever"

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"Something stirs in the Sea of Sorrows" begins a cryptic message on the Guild Wars 2 website, teasing a major world event hitting the world of Tyria this November. Along with a nice bit of concept art and some images of a tropical beach, the page hints at a "mystery of monstrous proportions" in a "massive one-time world event that will change Tyria forever!" Neglecting to reveal what said event will entail, we can only assume that it involves a giant sea creature, like Jaws or one of the Family Ness.