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Super Meat World is "days away"

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The PC update for Super Meat Boy is only days away according to Team Meat, who tweeted to say that the level sharing portal will be ready to go live shortly. BigDownload note that Super Meat World will contain seven chapters and 140 levels on launch, and will include Enter the Unknown mode. This will let you jump into a random selection of highly rated custom maps. The update will be freely available, and will download automatically on Steam.

Team Meat describe nightmare Xbox development: "everyone should love on Steam"

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Team Meat have been outlining the very different experiences they had developing Super Meat Boy for Xbox and PC. They described the stresses and disappointments of getting their game ready for release on Xbox Live in a recent GDC panel, calling the experience a "mind fuck." The Steam release a month later, however, was a very different story.

Win free (Super) Meat (Boy)

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Who's hungry for some juicy meat? We've got three Steam download keys for Team Meat's hilariously difficult, Editor's Choice award-winning platformer Super Meat Boy to hand out to carnivorous gamers. Click the grinning meat to find out how to win!

Update: Contest over! Congratulations to Leo Holland, Tom Johnson and Philip Flick, and thanks to everybody for entering.

Free Super Meat Boy update to add level editor and online sharing portal

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Super Meat Boy is set to receive a huge free update in the middle of January, adding editing tools that will let players create and share their own levels. A new area called Super Meat World will also be added, acting as a hub to which Team Meat can add further leves in future, and even offer up areas for guest developers to step in and create their own challenges. Read on for details.

Stuck in Super Meat Boy? Check out these speed runs

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If you picked up Super Meat Boy in the recent Steam sales, you may have noticed that it's quite difficult. In fact, it's face-clawingly, inhumanly hard. The whirling saw blades, infinite drops and traps of its many devious levels can bring tears of rage to the most hardened platforming experts. We're here to help. A youtuber who has completed and almost mastered the game has been throwing up a series of videos in which he completes each level for an A+ rating. It might not seem as though watching someone else beat the game easily will help with the crippling anger of being stuck, but in a game where timing and positioning are everything, the videos below provide a solid tutorial that could help you past the Super Meat Boy's most difficult challenges.

Super Meat Boy Review

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Imagine a bouncing cube of raw meat sliding into the teeth of a whirling saw blade. Spludge! Now picture thousands more—as many as there are letters on this page—all going splat and splot as they disintegrate into an ocean of juicy beef-stuff. Gross. But your mental slaughterhouse still has nothing on my Super Meat Boydeath tally. I flung the game’s lovable, protein-based hero to his demise over 3,000times just to beat the main levels of this relentlessly difficult 2D platformer. Include the search for collectables, the retro-themed Warp Zones, and the unlockable “Dark World” levels, and the number of exploded meat-bodies I’m responsible for is genocidal—but it’s the fun kind of genocide.

PETA makes super Tofu boy, Team Meat add him to Super Meat Boy

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Animal rights charity PETA have released a parody of Super Meat Boy called Tofu Boy, in which you play as a living block of Tofu, braving dangerous levels in a quest to rescue your girlfriend from an evil version of Meat Boy. Far from being angered by PETA's game, Team Meat has decided to put Tofu buy into Super Meat Boy as a special character.

Super Meat Boy is out now

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Super Meat Boy, the hardcore platformer in which you play a living slice of meat trying to save his girlfriend from an evil baby in a jar wearing a tuxedo, is out now on Steam. The PC release of the game comes with a line up of unlockable indie characters, from VVVVVV's captain Viridian to Half Life 2's Lamarr the headcrab. Read on for details.

Super Meat Boy PC achievements too hard for Xbox Live

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Super Meat Boy is out soon on PC, and Team Meat have been teasing some of the Steam achievements and special characters that will come with the game. Eight images have been revealed of the new achievements, which Team Meat say were "rejected by MS for their difficulty". Gulp. There will also be plenty of special guests to unlock in the game, consisting of a variety of new indie game heroes, two of which have already been announced, and are revealed below.

Super Meat Boy coming to Steam in November

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The slimy platformer that's been delighting and infuriating console owners in equal measure for the last few weeks is going to be bringing it's crazy and incredibly hard levels to the PC later this month.