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The Evil Within trailer shows bad omens, ignores them

Phil Savage at

An asylum surrounded by abandoned police cars, a main character rushing to the scene, the unmistakable sense that Bad Things are afoot. But what happens next? Is it: a) cheery resolution, joviality and picnics, or b) mounting dread, gore, and bursting limb monsters? I've got my suspicions. Let's find out if they're correct as we go through The Evil Within's Tokyo Game Show trailer.

Outlast review

Christopher Livingston at

Outlast, the first-person survival horror game by Red Barrels, is dark. Not just in terms of its content, which features a gore-splattered insane asylum packed with murderous lunatics and their victims, but in terms of its lighting – or lack thereof.

Many of the corridors, rooms, basements, sewers and even outdoor areas you’ll navigate are pitch black. The only way to see is by using the night vision setting of the video camera you’ve brought with you, which runs on a series of slowly draining batteries.

Dead Island: Riptide review

Cara Ellison at

Dead Island: Riptide, the maybes-equel or sort-of-expansionpack to co-op zombie RPG Dead Island, shipwrecks you once again – on a new Dead Island island that looks and plays exactly the same as the last Dead Island island. Its open world tropical sandbox initially seems promising: it’s stunningly beautiful, filled with silly weapons with which to slash wandering zombies on your way through its flimsy plot, and it has a new stereotype: an Australian man.

Unfortunately, playing it is a lot like leaving one screeching hen party in Barbados only to end up at a squalling hen party in Hawaii, but with boats, a knock-off 50 Cent (20 Cent?!) and then it rains on you. (They’ve added weather, at least.)

Survival horror on display as Steam Greenlight approves six new titles

Patrick Carlson at

Mystery, survival, and action titles feature in the latest batch of games to find approval through Steam's Greenlight program. Thanks to community support and Valve's judgment, the following games should see release on Steam as development finishes and they are brought into agreement with the Steamworks apparatus...

The Evil Within is "pure survival horror" says Bethesda VP Hines

Patrick Carlson at

Bethesda marketing vice president Pete Hines has been making the interview rounds at E3 to talk about work on The Evil Within, an upcoming survival-horror game from Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami. In a new Rev3Games interview Hines throws out some intriguing new details about the development process, Japanese versus "western" games, and as well as what it takes to scare people in 2013.

Dean Hall addresses zombie behavior in DayZ Standalone

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A zombie lifecycle within the DayZ Standalone is one of the intriguing gameplay developments mentioned by lead designer Dean Hall at E3 today. Hall, speaking live with Machinima's Inside Gaming, said that although zombie behavior remains one of the most difficult and problematic aspects of the game's development, the zombies should "feel much more authentic" in the Standalone when compared to the original Mod edition of the survival-horror simulator.

Procedural horror game Daylight will see the light of day early next year

Katie Williams at

We've shown off screenshots and a trailer of the armpit-dampening Daylight before, but now's the first time we can attach a release window to forthcoming thrills. Having gained the attention of publisher Atlus, Daylight's now secured its release for the first quarter of 2014.

The Evil Within screenshots show the horror of a world without cleaners

Phil Savage at

Would you look at the state of this place. Sure, it's an evil hell world of death and terror, but is that any reason to forget basic hygiene? What are those shambling monsters doing when you're not around to be chased? Could they not pick up a mop? Well, it's too late now. These screenshots of The Evil Within have released in all their grimy, blood-soaked glory.

Horror classic Eternal Darkness gets a "spiritual successor" in Shadow of the Eternals

Tom Sykes at

If you had a GameCube back in the day, there's a good chance you had a copy of Eternal Darkness, the time-jumping survival horror that wasn't afraid to mess with your mind. Until the Age of Kickstarter began, hopes for a sequel were slim, but they just got a lot fatter with the reveal of Shadow of the Eternals, a spiritual successor hitting a crowdfunding platform near you this coming Monday. The best part, however, is that it's coming to PC - you know, if the game hits its $1.5m funding target. Check out the mildly terrifying teaser trailer after the break.

Shinji Mikami spills guts on streamlined HUD and nail bombs in his new survival horror The Evil Within

Tom Sykes at

The Evil Within, you'll recall, marks Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami's grand return to survival horror, after years spent overseeing such esoteric action games as God Hand, Vanquish, and the sorta horrific swearfest Shadows of the Damned. Bethesda gave us a live-action trailer that didn't reveal much the other week, but now we have some details straight from the horse's... man's mouth. We also have screenshots that reveal, yes, it's a third-person, gore-filled horror game, rather than the knockabout karting title that was rumoured previously. Read on for enlightment, and pictures of disgusting monsters.

Among the Sleep waddles toward late 2013 release

Omri Petitte at

We haven't heard a peep from Krillbite's first-person toddler-terrorizer Among the Sleep in a long while, but it's not long before we'll be able to wander a creepily darkened abode with a child's freedom to completely pee our pants if we want to. From Joystiq, Krillbite says it's planning a release during this year's fourth quarter between October and December as well as a Kickstarter drive in April.

Rocket: No DayZ standalone alpha release until at least June

Omri Petitte at

The last update for creator Dean "Rocket" Hall's standalone DayZ dug a lengthy gameplay video out from underneath a pile of bean cans, motorcycle helmets, and a lot of zeds. There are enough goodies in the fledgling survival title for an alpha, but Rocket's holding it back for at least three more months to polish up client-server performance.

Clive Barker's Undying added to GOG as the bane of your pants

Omri Petitte at

Clive Barker's Undying carries the distinction as one of the first games to carve an expression of terrified horror in my face from start to end. I swore I'd never revisit it, but it's on GOG now for $6, an absolute steal for one of the best and truly frightful first-person survival horror games out there.

Metro: Last Light development unhampered by THQ fragment

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4A's Metro: Last Light escaped being lost forever in the murky tunnels of development limbo after Dead Island publisher Deep Silver picked up the game when THQ's light sputtered out. Its original March release date took a bump into May after the sale, but in an interview with VG247, Deep Silver Global Brand Manager Huw Beynon says the delay is purely because of administrative busywork and not a snag in the game's actual formation.

Darkwood: a shadowy top-down terror trip

Omri Petitte at

I gauge the scariness of horror games using my patented Curl Chance™ system, which measures how likely I am to curl into a ball of whimpering fear when I play them. I rate the new trailer for Darkwood, an upcoming top-down survival horror title from indie group Acid Wizard Studio, a "Mommy" out of 10 based on the inky shadows and surreal sense of unease.

Teleglitch review

Phil Savage at

In Teleglitch, you’re never safe. Your assessment of your performance will change in an instant. “I’m doing brilliantly! Health, weapons, ammo, armour, a large tube...” You enter a room.

Zombies swarm out of pipes. You back away, firing, attracting the attention of a hulking armoured robo-beast. Suddenly, you have barely any health, a couple of pistol rounds, a large tube.

This is level three. Of ten.

Resident Evil: Revelations PC will feature ultra-difficult 'Infernal Mode'; aims to test your sanity

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Black Snow co-op mod: because it's better to flee the darkness with a friend

Omri Petitte at

Forget for a moment about debating what happens to horror's impact whenever another player enters the scene. When you open a murkily lit doorway framing a pitch-black hallway seething with malevolent abominations of shadow, you'll want someone close by to cling to...or a giant, stuffed teddy bear. The Black Snow mod for Half-Life 2 is sadly bear-less, but its new co-op mod-in-a-mod revisits the atmospheric creepiness with up to four players and up to four pairs of pants ready for wetting.

The Dead Linger, then eat you in this indie survival horror game

Omri Petitte at

DayZ underscores the danger humanity presents in a zombie apocalypse, but Sandswept Studio's The Dead Linger wants to remind everyone that walking corpses are still Very Scary Things. Where and how you bump into the undead plays an important role in tossing a little panic into your adventures, and the game's most recent major update for its alpha testers includes a perfect venue for thrillseeking survivalists: the claustrophobia-causing cell rows of a pitch-black prison.

System Shock 2 original pitch advertised a game "paced like an RPG, not a Quake deathmatch"

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If you nab the long-awaited System Shock 2, which just made it to GOG's library, you'll also score the original concept pitch for the atmospheric role-playing scare-fest as a bonus look at the game's early iterations. It describes how the project, first named Junction Point, would skirt the combat-dense designs of the Doom and Quake clones populating the late 1990s in favor of "a moody cross between System Shock and Apocalypse Now."