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Transistor soundtrack free on Spotify

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Supergiant's first game, Bastion, drew much love for its space-cowboy score that fit perfectly with its fantasy world. The studio's sophomore work, Transistor, stages a gorgeous cyber reality accompanied by equally fitting electro-ambience from returning composer Darren Korb. And because Supergiant felt like being nice, the entirety of the game's music is up on Spotify for free listening.

Transistor review

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Transistor begins with a woman, a dead body, a talking sword, and a dying city. Red is a singer with no voice, trapped in a sprawling digital metropolis being erased by white robot programs called the Process. Byte by byte, block by block, Cloudbank is becoming nothingness in the shape of a city. But Red has the Transistor, the mysterious sword she pulled out of the dead body at her feet. Red is the hero, but the Transistor plays both narrator and star. Eight hours after grasping that sword, I reached the end of Red's journey in love with the Transistor's deeply nuanced combat abilities—and disappointed that the world around her felt so shallow by comparison.

Like Bastion, Supergiant's first game, Transistor is an action RPG set in a dying world, with a narrator keeping you company as you play. The narration works just as well as it did in Bastion (and comes from the same voice actor), lending emotion to a stoic silent protagonist and offering insight and context about the world. The narrator also does most of the expository heavy lifting, musing about the Camerata, the shadowy organization behind the destructive Process. As he talks, Red walks through linear environments, stopping every couple minutes for a battle that will be over in two or three minutes.

Transistor looking better than ever in new launch trailer

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Consider this your official notice to get pumped for Transistor’s imminent release. Even if you didn’t play Bastion, every little bit we’ve seen of Supergiant Games’ sophomore effort so far has looked excellent—recognizably from the same studio, but different enough to carry its own surprises. The recently released launch trailer gives us few new details about the game, and it's looking better than ever.

Transistor and soundtrack now available for pre-order

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“From the makers of Bastion” is pretty much all I need to know before I buy Transistor, Supergiant Games’ sophomore effort. The sci-fi themed role-playing game is coming out May 20, and starting today you can pre-order it from Steam or Supergiants’ website. Even better, we now know that the game’s promising soundtrack will drop on the same day. Drop, because that’s what I’m told albums do.

Transistor release date announced, is sooner than you think

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...Unless you think Supergiant's Transistor is being released tomorrow, in which case its release date is somewhat later than you think. That's what you get for having such unrealistic expectations. Much bigger is the group that assumed there were many more months separating us from the Bastion creators' talking-sword-based tactical adventure. Not so, as Supergiant have announced that Transistor will be with us on May 20th.

Transistor's Reveal Trailer shows off stellar vocals set over sci-fi gameplay

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Transistor will have multiplayer elements - players will feel connected in a "subtle" way

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Transistor, Supergiant's lovely looking sci-fi successor to Bastion, will feature multiplayer support. Obviously deathmatch is right out - Logan Cunningham's talking sword is sure to be an atmospheric touch, but an entire arena full of his sultry sounds would just devolve into a nightmarish headache of overlapping babbling. Like being on a train full of kids who inexplicably can't afford headphones.

Instead, they have something subtler in mind. In an interview with Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Supergiant's Greg Kasavin explains what they're planning.

Transistor demo footage shows strategic planning, talking sword

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Bastion creators Supergiant recently revealed their next game, Transistor. In it, protagonist Red finds a giant USB stick, and promptly destroys a legion of robots while trying to figure out where their input port is located. I can sympathise. You never get the bloody things the right way round first try.

Oh wait, it's actually a whopping great big sword - the eponymous Transistor - acting as both Red's weapon against the robotic onslaught, and the means with which Supergiant can pipe the smooth tones of Logan Cunningham directly into our ears. You can see and hear that it in action in this 15 minute PAX East game demo, courtesy of YouTuber Total Biscuit.

Bastion devs reveal action RPG Transistor - and yes, Logan 'Rucks' Cunningham is back

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Supergiant - that's the developers of the fantastic Bastion, and not some sort of king of the giants - have announced their next game. It's called Transistor, it looks fab, and Logan Cunningham (the voice of Rucks) is back "in a vocal capacity". Well, I'm sure he makes a mean omelette, but that's the part of him we wanted - so grand. Read on for more details, plus the exciting reveal trailer.

First ever Humble Weekly Sale begins with Bastion, adds a ton of extra stuff

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The Humble Bundle has evolved. No, not into a Wartortle - the charitable pay-what-you-want initiative is set to get humbler and bundlier and even more regular with the announcement of The Humble Weekly Sale, which will offer a new game for your consideration every Tuesday. The first deal goes live now, with the wonderful Bastion. As ever you can pay what you want for a DRM-free copy of the game (on Windows, Mac and Linux), though a donation of $1 or more will also get you a Steam key. If you beat the average you'll get extra digital content; spend $25 or more and you'll get physical merch thrown in too, including an actual Bastion bandana. Just the thing for when you wake up in a world of floating islands, with Logan Cunningham narrating everything you do.

Super Meat Boy hits one million sales, Bastion passes 500,000

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Great news for two top indie games. A Team Meat tweet announces that "Super Meat Boy past the million sales mark last month!" The spattery plaformer recently featured in the superb Humble Indie Bundle 4, which took more than two million dollars in total donations before it closed. "PLATINUM BABY!" said the devs, understandably pleased.

Bastion gets free Stranger's Dream DLC

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Bastion just got a little bigger with the addition of a new Stranger's Dream sequence, a score attack mode, an easy mode for those who'd rather coast through and enjoy the story.

The Stranger's Dream will unlock once you've completed the game once. It's another 'Who Knows Where' level, in which the Kid must defeat waves of enemies as the narrator tells a short story. Supergiant say "you’ll gain a bit more insight into Rucks’ backstory as well as the history of Caelondia if you can survive this fight."

Play Bastion in your browser

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Awesome indie action RPG Bastion is now available as a Chrome app. If you're surfing with Google's browser you can go to the Bastion app page now and click "launch app" and you'll dive straight in. You can play through the prologue for free and then unlock the rest of the game for $14.99. It runs beautifully, and even saves your game to your google account so you can pick up where you left off on any PC.

Supergiant made the announcement on the Bastion site, where they also mention "some more Bastion-related news tomorrow." Intriguing. If you're curious about Bastion, it's well worth checking out. We gave it a score of 92 in our Bastion review. Even if you already own the game, it's worth booting up the app to see how well it all works. It's a colourful glimpse into the exciting future of browser-based gaming.

Bastion review

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Bastion grabbed my heart exactly one minute and 30 seconds after it started, when I found the first weapon, a sledgehammer, and used it to kill a large, bloated Gasfella. Once he was down I went to work smashing every destructible object in the environment – as you typically do in an isometric action-RPG – until the game’s gravelly voiced narrator piped up. “The Kid just rages for a while,” he informed the world.

Voiceover might be an overplayed gimmick in the motion picture industry, but in a game, having an omniscient narrator describe what my character does is different... he’s actually talking about me.

Telltale employees genetically engineer Jurassic Park scores

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Is Metacritic the new Amazon? Despite only coming out three days ago, Jurassic Park has a host of decent user scores on the review aggregator, which set Gamespot’s fake reviews radar a twitchin’. Gamespot did some cursory Googling and found that the reviewer’s names matched up to those of developers Telltale’s employees.

In a statement to Gamespot, Telltale covered their backs by saying: “It is being communicated internally that anyone who posts in an industry forum will acknowledge that they are a Telltale employee. In this instance, two people who were proud of the game they worked on, posted positively on Metacritic under recognizable online forum and XBLA account names."

Bastion developer talks indie publishing

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Bastion developers Supergiant Games have talked about the ins and outs of publishing at GDC China in Shanghai, according to Gamasutra. Started by a couple of ex-Command and Conquer chaps who quit their jobs and invested in the company, Supergiant’s success or failure as a company relied on Bastion.

Although Bastion was intended to be an indie release, the game was picked up by uber-publishers Warner Bros. Interactive. However, Supergiant chose not to accept any money from Warner Bros., instead relying on their clout as publishers. "It's important to note that they did not give us any money," said Amir Rao, Supergiant’s co-founder and studio director. "They certainly paid for things, but it was one of those things early on where we decided we weren't going to take money."

Bastion release date set for August 16

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Gorgeous, painterly RPG Bastion is getting a PC release on in less than two weeks. VG247 report that it'll be released on Steam first and will cost £11.49 / $14.99. It'll appear on "other popular PC portals later this month."

Bastion is set on a series of floating islands shattered by an apocalyptic event known as The Calamity. Your every action is narrated by a disembodied, hardboiled voice who will set up each scene, give you plot details, tool tips and crack jokes as you make your way across the shifting world. Get a closer look in the launch trailer above, and six screenshots, embedded below.

E3 2011: Bastion trailer shows beautiful hand painted worlds

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Here's the E3 trailer for Bastion, a gorgeous, hand painted platformer set to hit PC later this year as a digital download. As you embark on each new adventure to save the world, a mysterious, disembodied narrator will mark your progress as you go. Find out more about Bastion on the Supergiant Games site.