Hades 2's technical test shows us that the Greek gods are still super hot and, by Poseidon, some of you could use a cold shower

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Hades 2's technical test is out in the world, and it's good, like really good. But predictably, most fans aren't focusing on that, not when there are tons of hot gods to stare at. 

During the technical test, you can encounter and flirt with a few of the gods in the first major area of the game. These include the goddess of love, Aphrodite, the moon incarnate, Selene, the veteran tactician Odysseus and, my personal favourite, Nemesis. 

Meanwhile, people on Twitter have all had incredibly normal reactions to all these characters. So far, I've seen players saying that "Nyx's entire family can step on me, tbh," and one person's measured response of "crying, sobbing, weeping, frothing at the mouth." 

Some of the tamer reactions include players reveling in how amazing the art looks, with some noting, "It is a fantastic day for sapphics," in reference to the power quartet of Nemesis, Aphrodite, Selene, and Hecate. These four goddesses are beautifully illustrated, with the vibrant and detailed art style I loved from the original Hades. It's honestly pretty hard not to fall in love with these characters when every image looks like this. 

Unfortunately, not everyone had the pleasure of checking out the technical test firsthand, as it was only available to a very small number of players. Supergiant Games clarified before the test began that "while not everyone may be able to participate in our Hades 2 technical test, we want everyone to be able to see it if they can't wait for Early Access. So in a few minutes, we're going to live-stream the Hades 2 technical test." 

I ended up tuning in to watch the test unfold for myself, and while I may have been clawing at the screen, wanting to play it for myself, it was still great to get a sneak peek before Early Access. The main aim of the test was just to ensure that everything was in working order before the Early Access launch, and while it's still clearly not a finished product, it was reassuring to see just how solid everything looked. 

If you also tuned into Supergiant Games' stream of the technical test, which you can still watch here, to watch all the thrilling fights (by which I mean beautiful gods), then you may have also picked up on the sound of someone's voice. Hecate, the goddess of witchcraft, is being voiced by Amelia Tyler, who also worked on Baldur's Gate 3 as the narrator. It's a small crossover but still a great reassurance that Hecate is going to be as cool as she looks, and yet another reason to fangirl over one of the Hades 2 gods. 

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