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Heroes of Newerth devs bringing out a new MOBA: Strife

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The first time I played Heroes of Newerth, somebody called me a noob. Somebody else chimed that earwigs had more gaming skill than I did. Then these people began to discuss my mother. Needless to say, I bowed out of HoN rather early in my MOBA career.

MOBAs are notorious for their prickly communities, but that may soon change—thanks to HoN's own developer, S2 Games, who has revealed that it is developing what it calls a "second generation MOBA." Strife is a narrative-heavy, community-driven game that aims to appeal to newbies and veterans alike.

Heroes of Newerth hacker vows League of Legends attack next

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Yesterday, a hacker swiped player passwords and account information from Heroes of Newerth's databases, causing developer S2 Games to issue a notice to change any multi-use passwords potentially associated with a player's account. The hacker, apparently, is just getting started. Spotted by PCGamesN, a Reddit thread seemingly created by the hacker gloated over S2's purported security holes and suggested League of Legends would be his or her next target.

Heroes of Newerth heroes now entirely free

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There will be no levelling or unlocking required to access Heroes of Newerth's great big lineup of champions thanks to today's patch. RPS spotted the news in a statement on the Heroes of Newerth forums, where S2 staffer Konran explained the reasoning behind the change. “We agree with the community that HoN is best played with a full hero pool available to all players and that both the new and the longtime, dedicated players alike can benefit from the change. We want players to have the freedom to invite their friends and to recommend heroes based on playstyle and not a free hero pool."

"Players will no longer be limited by which heroes they can afford, so when a line-up calls for a certain hero, you can answer the call and focus on what’s important in each game of HoN.”

Celebrate Heroes of Newerth's 100th hero by trying him out for free! [Giveaway]

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On Friday, S2 Games hit a major milestone with its flagship franchise, Heroes of Newerth, by adding the 100th hero to the game's humongous roster. That hero is Kinesis, a slick Intelligence caster who excels at nuking his enemies to death by quickly chaining telekinetic spells. Want to try him out, totally free of charge? We've got 50 unlock codes for Kinesis, and with HoN being free-to-play, anyone can give this landmark hero a go.

Heroes of Newerth latest fighter revealed: King Midas

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The story of King Midas is a tale of how a man's greed for gold ruined his life. The moral of the story would be very different if King Midas could shoot a golden lion out of his chest to heal friends and eat his enemies. "I can't hug my children, but CHECK OUT THIS LION," he'd say.

King Midas will be bringing his lion thing to the war-torn lanes of Heroes of Newerth later today. He can also teleport, and turn his enemies into gold, proving that when it comes to taking down the enemy fortress in HoN, greed is a good thing after all. Read on for a summary of his abilities.

Meet Heroes of Newerth's latest fighters: Rhapsody and Master of Arms

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With its recent transition to the free-to-play model, S2 Games is staying strong with Heroes of Newerth, releasing two heroes in the latest update for the second time in a row. This week, we welcome Rhapsody, a support-caster songstress, and Master of Arms, a gruff gunner with dual functions on all of his abilities. We've got some sweet tips on how best to play this dynamic duo, so be sure to check 'em out before you head online.

Heroes of Newerth goes Free-to-Play

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The headline says it all: S2's Heroes of Newerth is going free-to-play, and we couldn't be happier. Since the game's official release on May 12th of last year, there's been a barrier of entry to players who wanted to try out HoN's intense hero-vs-hero battles, but weren't willing to pay the game's one-time fee. Now that the cost of access has been completely lifted, HoN's popularity is bound to explode as more and more people get their friends to give it a try. Come check out what's changing, what's not, and what S2 plans to do with HoN next.

Check out Revenant, Heroes of Newerth's EZ-mode caster

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Sometimes, playing as a powerful hero just does the work for you. If you've farmed enough, or gotten fed enough, you can reach a point where the game just plays itself, letting you dominate enemies while you space out. What if a hero could be cruisin' on easy street right from the get-go? You may want to check out HoN's newest intelligence hero: Revenant, set for release this Friday. Four skills feels like too many to juggle? Not to worry—his ultimate is passive, so with the right team, you'll be racking up assists like nobody's business using this support superstar.

Take one for the team with the latest addition to the Heroes of Newerth roster: Martyr

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Let's face it: death is a part of any MOBA. Be you pro or nub, making a worthwhile contribution to your team means at some point, your HP is bound to drop to 0, and you'll have to wait patiently back in the base. S2 Games knows all too well how much dying can affect a match—but what if dying for the good of the team was part of a hero's strategy? Say hello to Martyr, a support hero in the truest sense who puts teammates before his Kill/Death ratio. Check out the Spotlight video above, then check out his ability list, complete with actual numbers!

Heroes of Newerth's birthday giveaway: win one of 10 free copies of HoN

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Yesterday marked the 1-year anniversary since the official launch of S2 Games' popular MOBA Heroes of Newerth, and they're partying like it's their birthday—which it totally is. Alongside their free-to-play week, which lasts until Sunday the 22nd, they're giving the community bonus in-game shop currency and some new avatars created by popular demand. But what if your birthday wish is that you could play the game for free forever, instead of ponying up at the close of next weekend? That's where we come in—we're giving away 10 free copies of HoN, perfect for the newbie who's enjoying themselves this week or the veteran that wants to get their friends involved. Read on to find out how to enter!

Heroes of Newerth is free to play until next Sunday

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S2 Games are launching a free-to-play period to celebrate Heroes of Newerth's first birthday. This will let players enjoy the game for nothing for the next week-and-a-bit.

The DOTA-style multiplayer game has enjoyed plenty of success over the last twelve months, and now has more than 50,000 players a day. With dozens of unique heroes, and more being added all the time, it's unlikely you'll be able to see everything Heroes of Newerth has to offer in a few days, but for the magnificent price of nothing, it's certainly worth a look.

Heroes of Newerth's latest champion, Tremble, will shake up the lanes

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Heroes of Newerth players suffering from entomophobia (fear of insects) are about to get a nasty surprise: Tremble, the seventy-sixth hero to join HoN's ragtag bunch, is sure to give hapless noobs nightmares. Combine the horrifying appearance of Warhammer 40K's Tyranid Lictor with the creepy burrowing of StarCraft II's equally horrifying Zerg, and you'll understand why heroes should be terrified when the ground starts rumbling beneath their feet. Read on to find out more about the bloodcurdling beetle who'll be coming soon to a gank near you.

Heroes of Newerth update adds casual mode and item store

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The DotA-esque Heroes of Newerth has just been bumped up to version 2.0. The free update has added a series of new features designed to make the game more accessible to new players, including a revamped matchmaking system and a casual mode to help new players learn the game. Other additions include an item store that will let players pay extra for cosmetic items. Read on for the full update details and a trailer.

Heroes of Newerth shows off Hellbourne

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To celebrate Heroes of Newerth being free to play this entire week, S2 Games put together an awesome trailer showcasing the terrifying aggression of the Hellbourne heroes, including the most recent recruit: Doctor Repulsor (yeah he's the one with the giant tesla coils on his back). Whether you're into mad scientists, crazy witch doctors, evil demons, or big fat dudes with their guts spilling out, I can guarantee you're going to enjoy this trailer. It also shows off some of the coolest spells in the game so be sure to check it out!