Meet Heroes of Newerth's latest fighters: Rhapsody and Master of Arms

With its recent transition to the free-to-play model, S2 Games is staying strong with Heroes of Newerth, releasing two heroes in the latest update for the second time in a row. This week, we welcome Rhapsody, a support-caster songstress, and Master of Arms, a gruff gunner with dual functions on all of his abilities. We've got some sweet tips on how best to play this dynamic duo, so be sure to check 'em out before you head online.

Master of Arms

  • Master of Arms' abilities
  • There's no cooldown between switching weapons (E), so you can always swap to the appropriate skill at any time.
  • The Pulse Cannon will be your main weapon early on, until you get better, more expensive items later in the game.
  • Using Charged Shot followed by Forked Lightning makes for great easy-to-use burst damage.
  • Blast Shot can throw enemies over cliffs, so you can position yourself to kick someone out of a fight or down into allies.
  • Nullfire Blade, Savage Mace, or Charged Hammer really let the Repeater shine with their on-hit effects.
  • Master's Call functions like Homecoming Stones, in that you can target the ground or the minimap and the ability will automatically find the nearest allied hero from where you clicked, casting either the shield or the boost on them. This will quicken your reactions and allow you to save someone in another lane without having to move your camera all the way over to them.
  • Recommended items: Steamboots, Nullfire Blade, Shrunken Head, Savage Mace, Charged Hammer, Geometer's Bane


  • Rhapsody's abilities
  • Staccato and Disco Inferno combo perfectly together. Use the pulses on Staccato to cause enemies to stop for a bit, then do it again after .5 seconds (when the linger on Disco Inferno wears out) to re-apply the damaging effect.
  • Staccato can be used to interrupt attack and cast animations if timed correctly. This gives you a huge advantage during early lane fights.
  • To take advantage of Arcane Hymn, your allies must be in the aura while damage is being done. Make sure that Thunderbringer is standing near you when he ultimates!
  • Protective Melody is best used in clutch reactionary situations. Don't use it preemptively unless you're absolutely sure an initiation is about to kick off. It has a low duration, so timing it correctly is crucial—if used correctly, it'll waste enemy attacks and spell casts, as well as divert attention to you.
  • Recommended items: Astrolabe, Void Talisman, Shrunken Head, Blood Chalice