SpeedRunners announced: four-player competitive platformer - with grappling hooks

Phil Savage at

SpeedRunners is side-scrolling multiplayer racer being developed by DoubleDutch Games and "published" by No Time to Explain developer tinyBuild. It's an unusual situation - indies publishing indies - and makes you wonder if the tinyBuild guys strutted up with fistfuls of cash and business cards that said, "Join us! We're basically EA." According to them, that's not quite how it happened.

STEALER: a stunning cyberpunk platformer focusing on "atmosphere and exploration"

Tom Sykes at

I didn't know it, but I've been missing something since I first played Flashback all those many years ago. There's been a hole in my heart for a cyberpunk-ish sci-fi game with exquisite pixel art and music, and pretty much nothing around to fill it. STEALER should do. Its creator Winged Doom has released a trailer showcasing the style and mood of the game; it's a mockup containing no actual gameplay, but offering a glimpse of what this stunning game should look like when it's done.