Assassin's Creed 4 gets PhysX support, lots of billowing smoke

Phil Savage at

I do love a bit of PhysX support. Nvidia's proprietary technomagic is great for flappy tarpaulin, windswept cloaks and... other stuff, I guess. As demonstrated by a new effect-laden video, Assassin's Creed IV: Let's Pirate Like It's 1599 has been updated with PhysX support, ensuring the game will be filled with lovely, pointless, view-obscuring smoke effects.

Watch Dogs PC version getting some Nvidia treats

Perry Vandell at

Nvidia wrote a little blog post announcing Nvidia and Ubisoft have joined forces to pretty up the PC versions of a few upcoming titles, including the surveillance pipe dream known as Watch Dogs.

Water just got a thousand times more awesome

Katie Williams at

Ah, life-giving water! Nectar of the gods. Plaything of gamers. You've gotta check out the demonstration of this new liquid-rendering technology from PhysX, which has me really, really excited for the future of aquarium-punching sims.

GDC 2013: Nvidia tech demo shows massive real-time destruction

Phil Savage at

If this was a movie, the end of this video would pull back to reveal a round-table of world leaders staring dumbfounded. Then, Nvidia's PhysX SDK Research Lead Matthias Müller-Fischer, would appear on their screen (possibly with a cat), point his omnipotent crosshair of ultimate destruction at Big Ben and start reading out the transfer details for his Swiss bank account.

Instead, it's a clever GDC tech demo experimenting with real-time dynamic fracturing. As yet, it's not a perfect physics simulation - those structures aren't collapsing under their own weight. That's something Müller-Fischer says should be working soon.

Warframe jacks into open beta with a PhysX trailer

Omri Petitte at

Digital Extremes isn't just working on naked space dinos. It's also busy with bringing us armored space cyborg ninjas in Warframe, its co-op third-person shooter showing up later this year. It hit open beta earlier this week, and Nvidia has shared a tech trailer showing off the slick PhysX effects owners of its cards can glimpse while cartwheeling off walls and stabbing things with nano-swords.

Planetside 2 official PhysX support incoming, can be enabled now with simple tweak

Phil Savage at

PhysX, Nvidia's fancy-pants physics engine, is due to be added into Planetside 2 at some point in the future. The middleware - often used to add pretty, if largely pointless, physics-based visual flourishes - was previously available in the MMO shooter's beta, but has since been greyed out in the options menu. Players using GeForce's latest 313.96 beta driver can, however, enable the effects right now with some light .ini file tweaking.