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Neverwinter is home to two million unique players

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Perfect World today released an infographic celebrating Neverwinter's crossing of the two million player mark with various impressive stats and figures, by way of comparison to some fairly random achievements. Those two million players, for instance, can fill Brazil's Olympic stadium 33 times over. You've gotta hand it to them; the strange comparisons amid these stats are as impressive as the stats themselves.

Neverwinter review

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Somehow, I suspect that if you sneaked into the office where Neverwinter was developed, you’d be less likely to find a design document than a very, very big roll of free bubblewrap. Neverwinter is a free-to-play RPG that somehow nails that sense of second-by-second popping satisfaction, often despite itself. Pop, a monster goes down. Pop, a sparkling light trail to get you straight to the next one. Pop, the chime of a new level earned. Neverwinter is a game of cold proficiency, built with experience and understanding of these moments and how to create them.

Too bad it’s also one of the least creative games ever to waste the chance to do something interesting with them.

Pre-patching has begun for Star Trek Online's next expansion

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The epic sci-fi MMO's introduction of the Romulans has been in the making for quite awhile, and it looks like the time's finally come. Due to launch next Tuesday, the next Star Trek Online expansion, Legacy of Romulus, is already available for current STO players to preload. Here are some screenshots of what the Legacy has in store for intrepid starship captains.

Affected by Neverwinter's launch issues? Here are some workarounds

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Online games almost always run into trouble during their grand launches, as us online gamers are only too aware. For many games, it's the first time they've been introduced to such a wide audience, and the resulting stress and unearthing of bugs is often more than the developers might anticipate. Why, you could almost feel sorry for them - almost. Of course, not being able to play a game you've paid for sucks, and it might be something you've experienced with the launch of Neverwinter's open beta. While the team at Perfect World try to wrangle the queue issues, here are some obscure fixes for other problems you might be having.

Cryptic announces that hackers stole account info in 2010

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Cryptic, the dev studio behind Champions Online, Star Trek Online and the upcoming MMO Neverwinter, has just released a notice that some of their servers that contain users' personal information were hacked in 2010 and that the encrypted data had been compromised. But the good news is that if you follow good internet practice and have changed your passwords sometime in the last two years, you probably don't have to be worried by the bleak letter that just appeared on Cryptic's website, or the cautionary email you may have just received.

Exclusive reveal: Neverwinter's CG PAX teaser trailer and screenshots

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Cryptic's upcoming Neverwinter game has undergone a lot of changes. Originally announced in 2010 as a small-scale co-op RPG, the game's been blown out to a full-scale MMO and, from these first glimpses at the new product, it looks beautiful. The game's playable on the PAX East show floor this weekend, so stop by if you're attending. If not, don't fret: we'll give you our hands-on impressions of the game tomorrow. In the meantime, get excited with this quickie CG teaser and nine dragon-rific screenshots, and check out the official site for more info.

Star Trek Online to go free to play this year

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Massively have spotted a statement on Seeking Alpha by the CEO of Perfect World, owner of Cryptic studios, that Star Trek Online will go free to play before the end of the year. Champions Online, Cryptic's other MMO, went free to play in January, so it comes as no surprise that its sister game has followed suit. CEO Kelvin Lau said that he felt the free to play model had 'bigger potential' in both the US and Chinese markets.

Sadly the statement contained no information Star Trek will follow Champions in using Steam's new free to play system or continue with its own payment model.

Would you be more likely to try Star Trek Online when it's free?

Giveaway: Beat up baddies with a Rusty Hearts beta key

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Final Fight. Streets of Rage. Turtles in Time. These are games that many of us hold dear to our hearts, filling us with fond memories of roughing up thugs, beating on bosses with our buddies, and picking up loot that just happened to be stashed in random barrels. Perfect World knows the appeal of a good old beat-'em-up, and the addictive combo you get when you mix RPG elements with arcade-style combat. If you like fighting-game MMOs, like Dungeon Fighter Online, you'll love Perfect World's upcoming action MMO, Rusty Hearts. Want to play it before everyone else? Read on to see how you can win a closed beta key!

Moving pictures prove existence of Torchlight 2 co-op

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Runic Games heard fans of Torchlight complaining about lack of multiplayer, and then went and made Torchlight 2. Check out the trailer below for footage of Torchlight 2's multiplayer in action.

Risk meets MMO in Heroes of Three Kingdoms

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Perfect World was showing off quite a few new games at E3 this year, but it was Heroes of Three Kingdoms that had some of the most interesting features. Controlling territories will be a major part of the end-game focus, as a Risk-like map tracks factions' influence over the game world. Aspiring world-conquerors will need to rely on allies to help defend their faction's territories with NPC armies, forts, and, of course, their own characters, while working to sabotage and take over enemy territories. Here's a shot I took on the show floor: