Battlefield Hardline, developed by Visceral, rumored to be EA's next shooter

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It's strictly a rumor at this point, but it's looking increasingly likely that something called Battlefield: Hardline will be the next big thing to come out of EA's hit multiplayer shooter franchise. As noted by the Better Battlelog, various "almost facts" suggest that it will be a cops-and-robbers game rather than opposing militaries, with Thieves and SWAT facing off in multi-mode, multi-class online action.

Rust update throws out zombies, improves nature

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In some ways, Rust is like a big, pastoral representation of life. Your ramshackle hut, built through sweat and tears, stands for the your accomplishments. The weighty rock you use to crush an interloper's head like a grape? That's just being a friendly neighbor. And the zombies...well, I still don't know what the zombies mean, but they're pretty annoying. So much so, in fact, that Facepunch's latest update yanks them out of its sandbox survival-thon entirely—replacing them with less-stupid animals.

RealMyst: Masterpiece Edition materializes on Steam with added features

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This isn't the first time one of the grandfathers of adventure games was brought into modern gaming. The first version of realMyst released in 2000 as a fully 3D remake of the titular island, its cleverly designed puzzles, and the dramatic bicker-war between two trapped brothers. Developer Cyan Worlds has now given the remake a remake with the Steam release of realMyst: Masterpiece Edition which improves compatibility for modern PCs and adds a few navigation aids.

Battlefield 4 getting tweaks to infantry weapons, including shotguns and DMRs

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Funny fact: Battlefield 4 has a lot of guns. You wouldn't think that were the case in multiplayer, as the majority of BF4 players have tended to prefer a few all-around beastly weapons—the Assault's M4A1 or the Engineer's MTAR-21, as examples—that sadly diminishes the chances of seeing more specialized firepower during a match. In a Battlefield Blog post today, DICE outlines some of the upcoming changes to footsoldier weapons as an effort to boost the variance of gun popularity and choice for players.

From force feedback wheels to international racing circuits: a video game driver goes pro

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When we play games, we step inside the skins of our favorite characters. More often than not, this also means stepping into a job that we either don’t or can’t have and getting to spend time fighting wars, piloting ships or commanding armies.

Haven’t we all wished, even a little bit, that we might be recognized for our gaming prowess and recruited, Last Starfighter–style, into the real world portrayed by our games?

EverQuest finally going free-to-play in March

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Thirteen years ago, EverQuest opened a door that would influence online gaming forever. It taught us how to camp world bosses, how painful dying can be, and most importantly, how to make a ham sandwich and take a shower in under five minutes so you can get back to the game ASAP. It isn't the flashiest or the most beginner-friendly of MMOs, but it was certainly the foundation for games like World of Warcraft and Star Wars: The Old Republic. And finally, more than a decade and nearly 20 expansions later, it's going free-to-play.

Bounty Hounds Online releases new trailer

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Post nuclear war? Check. Mercenary-on-Mercenary action? Check. Big aliens in need of a smack down? Oh yeah. We haven't covered the sci-fi MMORPG Bounty Hounds Online much before now, but it's currently in closed beta and has some intense larger-than-life bosses for you to pump full of lead. There are five different classes, including one awesomely named the Chemical Brawler, and every character can build their own mini-transformer robot pet that fights alongside them.

Sounds like something you might be interested in? Check out the newest trailer and some screenshots below, and visit the game's website to sign up for the closed beta.

And in other PC gaming news...

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Are you a competitive gamer? I like to win more than lose, but I'm not a mouse-smashing, door-punching kind of guy. Rich is extremely competitive, but instead of getting angry when he's defeated, he just goes really quiet and sad.

He even went quiet and sad at the end of lunch after the combined might of Tim's Zerg army and my Terran heroes took him down, SCVs and all.

Which game has got you angriest? Or do you have more important things to get angry at, like port forwarding? Let us know in the comments.

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How other countries (probably) play StarCraft II

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Blizzard’s seemingly forgotten fan base of RTS gamers hasn't had a fresh title since 2002's Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos. And now that their time to shine has come once more, there will undoubtedly be a unique experience in each part of the globe. But just how will players around the world honor their heritage and play StarCraft II at the same time? I've got a few ideas.

StarCraft II around the globe - now with black blood!

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Next week those of us living in the United States and the United Kingdom will finally get our hands on the retail version of StarCraft II. Included in this version will be cigars, blood and the occasional curse word, but folks from other countries won't be getting that same, authentic experience.