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Epic exec equates PS4 to "a really perfect gaming PC"

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Epic Games Vice President Mark Rein stated support for Sony's PlayStation 4 console in an interview with CVG. Understandable so far, but then out comes this comment: "The kind of stuff that Sony announced it's doing, the level of convenience and things like that shows it's making a really perfect gaming PC." Well, then.

The ghost of Cliff Bleszinski talks up Unreal Engine 4, Mark Rein shows off Kismet system

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As we noted yesterday, Epic veteran Cliff Bleszinski has left Epic, but you don't last that long in this business without learning to psychically project yourself into several places at once. Even as Cliff walked into the sunset with a bundle of Lancer Assault rifles slung over his shoulder, his ghost was over in the Game Informer offices talking up Unreal Engine 4.

"When you ask me what next generation is, it's really the sum of all its parts," says ghost Bleszinski, lounging on the couch like psychic projection ain't no thing. Advanced particle effects, destructibility, light refraction and shinier shininess will bring the next generation closer to visual realism, but Bleszinski highlights Unreal Engine 4's Kismet system as an especially big step forward for developers.

Watch Star Wars 1313 running on a “high-end PC with Nvidia hardware”

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We first heard about Star Wars 1313 last week; it’s a third-person shooter that sets you up as a no-nonsense bounty hunter working within the inner depths of Coruscant.

Platforms and release dates are yet to be confirmed but, as verified by creative director Dominic Robilliard in a Spike TV segment from E3, it's currently running on a high-end PC with Nvidia hardware. Click through for the first footage of 1313 in action.

Mark Rein says PCs can "simulate the future," have "shot by" consoles

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VP of Epic, Mark Rein has been speaking to Eurogamer about the value of the PC as a cutting edge platform, saying that PCs are so far ahead that they are now setting the benchmark for the next console generation.

"Don't forget every game that's ultimately built is built on a PC. PCs are always going to be the tools through which all games get made," he said. "With the PC you can simulate the future – you can put enough hardware in a PC to show you what a future console will look like."

Epic: latest Intel integrated graphics "don't suck"

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Epic's Mark Rein has admitted that even though he has been "beating them up for 11 years," Intel's latest HD graphics "don't suck."

Read on for more from Epic's vice president at GDC.

Mark Rein calls for curated app store in Windows 8

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Speaking to PC Gamer at GDC, Epic Game's Vice President, Mark Rein has given some insight into what he would like to see from the next version of Windows. His vision takes a few cues from Apple's current distribution model.

Rumour: Epic Games might buy APB

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Epic Games have been highlighted as potential buyers for APB, the massively multiplayer shooter from recently bankrupt Dundee studio Realtime Worlds. APB was built upon Epic’s Unreal engine, and their Vice President and co-founder Mark Rein even helped present APB at 2009's Penny Arcade Expo. When asked if Epic had plans to buy APB, spokesperson Dana Cowley didn't say no. Her quote's below.