Man vs Machine

Team Fortress 2 comic, robot heads and massive tank tease new faction and MvM mode

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Something big is afoot in TF2 land. A post on the Team Fortress blog confirmed that, on Saturday night Valve "launched our most fiendishly difficult ARG yet," an ARG they declared to be "diabolically, even needlessly complex." The TF2 community swiftly solved the conundrum revealing a comic unveiling a third Mann brother Gray Mann. Cold, calculating, fiendishly smart and quite evil. Essentially, he's Team Fortress 2's G-Man.

But what's this mysterious stranger plotting? The evidence at the moment points towards "evil robot army."

Man vs. Machine breaks world records with 999-player battle

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Last week we mentioned the Man vs. Machine world record attempt, which hoped to get a thousand players together on one server for a massive scrap. They fell ONE SHORT of their intended target, but successfully broke the world record. Woo!

The system crashed just short of the 1000 player mark. The devs brought the server back up and the game continued for another two hours. In the end, the Machines emerged victorious. “It was amazing. We did not imagine the amount of interest that this game would generate," said MuchDifferent CEO, Christian Lönnholm. "Almost until the end we were averaging around 980 players at any given moment. It was a blast!”

The Guinness World Record external observer returned, satisfied, to the Great Tower of Records, and confirmed two days later that the event had indeed broken the world record for most players in a single game.

1000 player FPS world record attempt happening this Sunday. You can help

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This Sunday Much Different will attempt to break world records by hosting a 1000 player FPS battle. You can help. The game is called Man vs. Machine, a free, browser-based shooter built in the Unity engine. If you're camped on the Man vs. Machine front page when the record attempt starts, you stand a chance of being one of those soldiers.