Nvidia's Game24 livestream event is live, tune in here

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Nvidia's just kicked off Game24, a 24-hour, multi-city livestream event that they've labeled a "PC gaming holiday." I'm in attendance at Hangar 8 in Santa Monica, California for the start of broadcast.

Now Playing Live! Elite: Dangerous livestream from 3PM BST

Chris Thursten at

As we announced yesterday, we'll shortly be taking to space to blow each other to pieces in the Elite: Dangerous beta. Expect dogfights, chases, and cameo appearances from the game's developers. The stream begins at 3PM BST and will run for a maximum of two hours.

The setup is this. Andy Kelly is flying an Anaconda, the game's most powerful ship. In his cargo hold are five bars of gold. The first person to snatch a piece of that gold and return it to the pirate haven of Freeport is our winner. If you're blown up, you're out, and if all of us die—or if nobody can best him after two hours—Andy wins. The PC Gamer team are all flying our own, mostly low-level ships. To have a chance at taking down the Anaconda, we'll need to work together—but when the dust settles there can only be one winner.

Now Playing Live returns! Don't miss our Elite: Dangerous stream event tomorrow

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We've been hunted across Chernarus. We've tangled with a vengeful god of (modern) warfare. Tomorrow, we scramble for glory in the cold reaches of space.

The latest PC Gamer UK team livestream will take place on Wednesday the 20th of August from 3PM BST to 5PM BST—click that link to find out the time in other timezones. We'll be playing Elite Dangerous in a custom scenario that we've come up with ourselves, supported by the devs at Frontier.

Watch Tyler stream Titanfall at 4:15 p.m. PDT (It's over!)

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While Chris finalizes his Titanfall review, the rest of the staff has also been enjoying the acrobatic war for extraterrestrial concrete (or whatever space drama it is that necessitates stomping on people with mechs). Today, Tyler will bravely livestream what will either be a series of glorious victories, or the embarrassing tale of a Call of Duty dropout with dulling reflexes trying to make it on the new frontier.

Watch Cory's Hearthstone Arena run at 5 p.m. PST (It's over!)

Cory Banks at

Update: Thanks for watching, everyone! If you missed Cory's triumph and tragedy, we've embedded the video here.

Hearthstone is a fantastic digital card game, and Arena is its best mode—build a deck from a random draft of cards and see how many wins you can rack up against players with similarly randomized decks. The better you do, the bigger your reward.

If you need proof (or just want to heckle him) Cory will start a Hearthstone Arena run at 5pm PT (8pm ET) live on the PC Gamer Twitch channel. Watch him build his deck, take it into battle, and choose the wrong card every single time. It'll be fun!

Watch our Titanfall livestream at 4 p.m. PST

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The Titanfall beta ends tonight, so we're saying goodbye for now to our space diving stomp machines with a two hour livestream starting at 4 p.m. PST (That's 7 p.m. EST and 12 a.m. GMT). Watch as Tyler wall-runs, shotguns, rodeos, and dies over and over until the beta ends or he gets hungry and wanders off to find pizza.

Twitch announces major streaming changes

Perry Vandell at

If you enjoy watching live speed runs, tournaments, Let’s Plays, or basically any type of videogame-related streaming, chances are you’re spending some time on Twitch. If that’s the case, you might want to mute that stream that’s running in the background, because the service is getting some major changes to its transcode.

The Elder Scrolls Online gets live demo at QuakeCon

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With QuakeCon in full swing, Bethesda decided to celebrate the festivities with a livestream of The Elder Scrolls Online, giving those of us who didn’t make it into the closed beta a small taste of what’s yet to come. Those who missed the livestream can find the archived version here, though you’ll want to skip to the 41 minute mark unless you want to see the same trailer over and over again.

Planetary Annihilation gameplay video shows unannihilated planet, alpha planned for May

Tyler Wilde at

I could probably spend hours just zooming in and out of Planetary Annihilation's forested planets. Space! Ground. Space! Ground. Spaaaace! Until I can—the "end of May," if Uber Entertainment hits the alpha release goal it sets at the end of this video—we can all see the scale of the Kickstarted RTS in today's archived livestream, in which Uber's Steve Thompson and Jon Mavor walk us through pre-alpha gameplay.

GDC 2013: YouTube announce new live-streaming API for developers

Phil Savage at

YouTube are planning to make it easier for developers to insert live streaming tools into their games. The API, announced at GDC, will give game makers an easy way to provide their community with integrated tools to stream directly to YouTube, as well as insert breaks for ad placement. Thus they set the stage for the Great Blackout, when the internet will buckle under the weight of Farming Simulator 2014 streams.

Crusader Kings 2 developers livestreaming "introductory session" for new players

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Trust me when I say that the Paradox Interactive grand strategy Crusader Kings II is not an easy game to get to grips with. A few poor decisions and before you know it you're playing as an inbred imbecile in charge of a patch of land the size of Warwickshire. Luckily, for those of you not yet acquainted with the complex political wrangling of medieval lords, the game's developers are streaming an introductory session this evening, designed to ease new players into the game.

The stream is scheduled to start at 7pm GMT (11am PST), and you can watch it at Paradox's channel, or right here inside this post.

How to stream games with Open Broadcaster: a fast, free livestreaming application

Tyler Wilde at

Video streaming apps are often expensive, not very good, or both expensive and not very good. Enter Open Broadcaster Software, a free, open-source solution which is super lightweight, includes many of the same options as software you can buy, and so far works beautifully for streaming games on

Watch our PlanetSide 2 livestream and developer interview Wednesday @ 1:30 PM PST

Evan Lahti at

PlanetSide 2 Creative Director Matt Higby will be joining us live tomorrow for a talk 'n play of the week-old MMOFPS he helped make. We'll be streaming with our pals (and Outfitmates) at GamesRadar, and broadcasting to their Twitch channel for about an hour. I hope you'll pop in. We like PS2 a bunch, but there's heaps to talk about, especially regarding which optimization improvements and system changes SOE will prioritize in the coming months.

Orcs Must Die! 2's Endless mode and co-op play will be revealed in our livestream Thursday

Josh Augustine at

We had two major requests of Orcs Must Die!: let us play with friends, and let us play forever. Orcs Must Die! 2launches later this month with both of those features, and we want to be the first ones to show you them tossed together.

EVE Online livestream: The war in Delve

Tyler Wilde at

There's a war going on in EVE: Online, and we want to see it. We want you to see it too, so we're livestreaming at Please understand that our virtual war correspondents may be destroyed. Instantly.

[UPDATE] Escorted by Goonswarm Federation, we made it to 1DH-SX in Delve, so step one is complete. More coverage to come.

EA E3 2012 conference livestream and liveblog

Graham Smith at

If you're anything like us, you're watching stuttering videostreams of this year's big E3 press conference and thinking: "What I really need right now is some sarcastic commentary to offset all this enthusiasm and happiness."

This is exactly what we'll aim to provide below, in PC Gamer's EA liveblog. The conference will start at 1pm PST / 9pm GMT, but we've been being glib since about things long before that. Check out the team's unfiltered analysis and commentary below, alongside a live video feed. We've kicked things off early just in case anything explodes. It's E3, it could happen.

Play Tribes: Ascend with us - livestreaming now!

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Update: It's over! Thanks for playing with us!

PC Gamer now has its very own Tribes: Ascend server -- [VGW]! You can find it in Play Now > Custom Servers in the North America - West region. If you like to go fast, join us -- we're playing from 4:00 pm PST (6 pm CST, 7 pm EST, 12 am GMT) until we're going slow. Watch our livestream inside or at -- we'll be giving out codes for free Tribes Gold in the chat!

Watch 30 minutes of The Showdown Effect livestream footage

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Well, you don't have to watch all 30 minutes (well, 28:12) of '80s-action-movie-inspired sidescrolling, but do check it out (at least stick around for the light on-camera bickering about a flag which may or may not be a feature).

It's nice to see Paradox and Arrowhead showing off this much alpha gameplay and taking questions from the community rather than being tight-lipped, as is the old norm. For more, read up on The Showdown Effect in our recent preview.

We're livestreaming the Mass Effect 3 demo

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The demo for Mass Effect 3 released this morning on Origin, and we teaming up with our friends over at Games Radar to stream it live for all you poor gaming souls trapped at work today.

Within: watch the saved video to get a sneak peek into your future life as Shepard, the total jerk or merciful angel.

Day 2 - Star Wars: The Old Republic livestream

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Watch live here and click through to watch our archived livestreams.

Half leveling machine, half Sith Agent, all gentleman, Josh Augustine hit level 12 in Star Wars: The Old Republic yesterday. Tag along and see the semi-ethical adventures of his Sith Agent as we continue to livestream Josh's review progress in SWTOR today beginning at 11 AM PST. Josh will also answer your questions about the game live as he plays; join the chat!