Lian Li reveal bizarre new desktop PC design

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Taiwanese PC chassis manufacturers, Lian Li, are preparing for the upcoming CeBIT trade show in Germany with the announcement of a collection of fresh case designs. As well as some pretty standard-looking aluminium PC cases, Lian Li have also shown off some pictures of this bizarre DK01. Is it a desk? Is it a PC? Whatever it is, it's supposedly “combining the symbiotic relationship of desks and computer cases,” according to Lian Li's press material. Let's take a closer look

Lian Li unveil quirky new PC mini-chassis designs, what do you think?

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I have to admit I am an absolute sucker for a good mini-ITX machine. And Lian Li is looking to create the next generation of small form factor chassis with its new PC-Q30 and PC-TU100 cases. Though someone in the marketing department of Lian Li needs to have a word about the less-than-dynamic naming conventions of its new chassis, however funky they might look. The PC-TU100 (I’m going to rename you Kenyon, after my favourite Football Manager player of the moment) is a new addition to Lian Li's TU series of ‘briefcase’ chassis and is apparently even more compact than the previous compact chassis. Let's take a look.

Lian Li train inspired case steams into view

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I was going to post something today about playing Black Mesa on Linux, then this popped into my inbox, so you'll have to wait. It's a PC case, shaped like a steam train. Obviously that takes precedence over everything.

Designed by Lian Li the PC-CK101 is a mini-ITC chassis which comes in two versions – one fixed model for the mantlepiece and one that actually goes up and down the tracks, apparently. I've never been especially fixated by trains (although my uncle did own a renovated steam engine), but this is fantastic.

Lian Li launches littlest (ATX) mobo, lovely for LANs

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What with all these new sub-30nm, highly power efficient processor designs from Intel, AMD and NVIDIA launching lately, the days of the big box PC must surely be behind us. Why set aside all that space for internal airflow and cooling when you can pack everything closer together and still get Battlefield 3 running at more than 60 frames per second?

Which is why next PC might well look like this: Lian Li's latest case, the PC-V700.

Lian-Li produces pick-upable PC case

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I wouldn't recommend it if you want to build a rig capable of maxing out Battlefield 3, but for anything less Lian-Li has just announced an elegantly sized and extremely good looking case, the PC-TU200.

Standing just 32cm high by 21cm wide, its luggage-like looks are set off by a large handle on the top. Obvious uses are for a system you plan on hauling around to LAN parties, although it's one with awesome modding potential if you're that way inclined too.