Legend of Dungeon

Roguelike RPG Legend of Dungeon launches on Steam today

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Indie action RPG Legend of Dungeon launched on Steam today, capping a move by the game through the Greenlight program towards its eventual release. Beyond the game's colorful art style, LoD's randomized dungeons and single-player permadeath mechanic point to an interest in chaos and unpredictability.

Sixth batch of Steam Greenlight games approved — Frozen Endzone, Death Inc, and more

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It seems like we were justrecommending that you vote for Frozen Endzone on Greenlight, and now it's become one of 18 games to be given the thumbs up for Steam distribution in the sixth set of approvals. A total of 83 games have now been approved via Greenlight's crowdsourced vetting sytem, 28 of which have been released on Steam so far. See the full list of new additions inside.

Legend of Dungeon demo: co-op dungeoneering in your browser

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Wander dungeon -> stab bat -> find chest -> profit! The legendary dungeon-crawler formula is as effective as ever as Legend of Dungeon demonstrates with a new demo that'll run in your browser right now. RPS note that the team have turned to Kickstarter to crowd fund the $5,000 they need to make the remaining tile sets, monsters, weapons and set up a dynamic music system.

Legend of Dungeon is being developed by husband and wife team, RobotLovesKitty, who make games in their treehouse. It's a roaming bat-punching beat-'em-up with a bit of permadeath for added spice. Dynamically lit sprites strike bring an anachronistic vibe to its randomised dungeons.