Legend of Dungeon demo: co-op dungeoneering in your browser

Wander dungeon -> stab bat -> find chest -> profit! The legendary dungeon-crawler formula is as effective as ever as Legend of Dungeon demonstrates with a new demo that'll run in your browser right now. RPS note that the team have turned to Kickstarter to crowd fund the $5,000 they need to make the remaining tile sets, monsters, weapons and set up a dynamic music system.

Legend of Dungeon is being developed by husband and wife team, RobotLovesKitty , who make games in their treehouse. It's a roaming bat-punching beat-'em-up with a bit of permadeath for added spice. Dynamically lit sprites strike bring an anachronistic vibe to its randomised dungeons.

The Kickstarter campaign has almost hit its target, but there are many stretch goals left to unlock, including extra player classes and tamable pets. If you want to show LoD a bit of support, you can always drop them a vote on the Legend of Dungeon Steam Greenlight page as well.

Tom Senior

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