Lars Simkins

Frontiers celebrates one-year Kickstarter anniversary with big progress update

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Ambitious exploration-based RPG Frontiers is celebrating its anniversary. A year has passed since it raised $150,000 on Kickstarter, and successfully became a game that will one day exist. Since then, the project has entered full scale development, and now, today, is... still a game that will one day exist. To mark the passing of this auspicious milestone, creator Lars Simkins has released a big update video, explaining where he's at with the game.

Frontiers trailer heralds the exploration RPG's arrival on Greenlight

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Frontiers is doing well for a game with a UI font that looks distinctly Papyrus-esque. Last year, its Kickstarter trekked past the original target, securing over $150,000 for the exploration-based RPG. Now comes the next stage in the development pilgrimage: passing through Greenlight. Hoping to capture the interest of wandering internet travellers, creator Lars Simkins has released a new trailer for the game.