Killing Floor 2

The PC Gamer Show episode 1: Killing Floor 2, Nidhogg, 4K gaming

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It's The PC Gamer Show! For episode one, we talked to Tripwire Interactive about upcoming shooter Killing Floor 2, played a high stakes game of Nidhogg with serious embarrassment on the line, and got our hands on a new Samsung 4K monitor.

Killing Floor 2 video showcases five monstrosities ripe for the killing

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Killing Floor 2 still has no solid release date, but Tripwire Interactive continues to feed us morsels of information regarding the brutal FPS horror. This time it's a video showcasing all the monstrosities you'll have the opportunity to shoot at. According to the studio this is "never before seen confidential footage froma series of specimen training videos utilized by Horzine Biotech's Security Force". It's also all in-engine footage.

We've killed 20 billion zeds since Killing Floor launched five years ago

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Time sure does fly by when you’re having fun (also guts). Killing Floor is celebrating its fifth birthday, and Tripwire has shared an infographic of impressive numbers and trivia to mark the occasion. Did you know that Killing Floor was originally released as an Unreal Tournament 2004 total conversion mod in 2005? Or that the retail version we know and love, and which went on to gain 3 million players, was first developed by a team of 10 people in just 3 months?

Show Us Your Rig: Killing Floor 2 developer David Hensley

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Tripwire Art Director and co-owner David Hensley has three PC setups for work and for play. His desk at Tripwire's Atlanta offices—where the team is at work on Killing Floor 2—includes three monitors, ambient lighting, and framed ghoulish artwork, fitting inspiration for the zeds he and his team bring to life. His home setups are even more diverse: a Wacom tablet on an easel, a dedicated audio workstation, and multiple streaming setups let him play games in the living room, bedroom, or even the bathroom.

The week's highs and lows in PC gaming

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Every Friday the PC Gamer team revisits the week that was, turning the wheat into delicious bread and the chaff into… What even is chaff? Can it be burned? Anyway, you know the drill: good stuff on page one, less so on page two…

Killing Floor 2: How Tripwire aims to design gaming's most realistic guns

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Tripwire Entertainment knows a thing or two about guns—both the real deal, and the ones they create in video games like the upcoming Killing Floor 2. In 2006, as a mod-team-turned-development studio working on World War 2 shooter Red Orchestra, they managed to create reload animations smoother and more detailed than the large teams developing Battlefield and Call of Duty.

"[Back then] we heard 'how come these guys' reload animations are better than yours?’" says Tripwire's president, John Gibson, thinking back to the competitive World War 2 market in 2006. "We heard the same thing about our sounds. We had pretty good sounds in the first Red Orchestra game. And the DICE guys actually said that motivated them to want to do better, and that's why Battlefield Bad Company had such amazing sounds. They were like ‘crap, we have to do better than these guys.’"

Get this exclusive Killing Floor 2 skin in the print edition of PC Gamer US #254

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"Dosh here, grab it while it's hot!"  Killing Floor 2 exists. The follow-up to the gory, cooperative, wave-based shooter impressed Wes when he went to visit Tripwire in Georgia for our exclusive first look. Coupled with our coverage of Killing Floor 2 in our magazine, though, is a special gift: a unique character skin that you can only get by buying the print magazine.

Killing Floor 2 exclusive first look: co-op FPS horror with the most advanced gore system ever

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Paris is burning. The sky behind the Eiffel Tower glows an ominous orange through a haze of billowing smoke. Sparks and ash and scraps of paper float through the dark streets of the city, where cars and offices stand eerily abandoned.

A manhole opens. For a moment, nothing happens. And then a zed, a naked genetic freak sheathed in slimy grey skin, pops out of the hole like a horrorshow jack-in-the-box. The zed has the mind of a child. It doesn't know much, but it knows it wants to kill.

Rumoured Steam stats leak suggests the existence of Killing Floor 2, Arkham Origins Blackgate HD

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Hmm... HMM... Steam users are reporting that, for a brief period, visiting the store's stats page sent them instead to the Shadow Steam: a secretive and underground society where developers engage in spectacularly tense battles of "Petroglyph Games Developer Test App". The list appeared to forego the public applications of the Steam database, instead reporting those marked as private. Kind of like the exact opposite of what it should be doing. Of course, things are back to normal now, making it difficult to prove the veracity of the list. If the community's claims are true, though, it would suggest the existence of unannounced games like Killing Floor 2, Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate HD, Half Minute Hero 2, and Battleblock Theater.