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Homefront map pack will send players to Alcatraz

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The Rock map pack will be heading to Homefront soon. It'll hit the Xbox 360 first, but we can expect it to appear on PC sometime thereafter. The pack will include four new maps, including one set on the prison island of Alcatraz from which there is no escape except death, or disconnection due to high ping. You'll find a summary of the maps below.

Homefront Review

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The best parts of the 1984 movie Red Dawn are when a band of small-town Colorado teenagers launch a series of guerilla attacks against occupying Soviet forces. The scrappiness of their insurgency is exhilarating to watch—it’s chilling to see high school students hardened in battle against overwhelming odds. Homefront, with a story written by Red Dawn’s director John Milius, makes every effort to recreate that feeling by putting us up against another hypothetical conqueror of America: a unified Korea. It nails the atmosphere, but plays it too safe—Homefront is too busy trying to be Call of Duty to make you feel like a wide-eyed Lea Thompson mowing down Soviet soldiers with a heavy machine gun.

Homefront dedicated servers detailed

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Homefront PC's online component is being developed by Digital Extremes, the creators of Unreal and Unreal Tournament. Their job is to add PC specific features to Homefront, including clan support, vehicle cockpits, stat tracking and dedicated servers. Read on to find out what you'll be able to customise in Homefront's online game.

Homefront GDC trailer shows live action warfare

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The GDC Homefront trailer mixes up live action film with in-game footage. The film part shows a suburban family fighting back after their house has been burned down by occupying Korean forces. One day that kid will think back to the day that dad fired an RPG out of a school bus and smile. For more on Kaos Studio's vision of Korean occupied America, check out our Homefront preview.

New Homefront trailer shows second American Revolution

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The latest Homefront trailer shows the start of what Kaos Studios are calling the 'Second American Revolution". Judging from the trailer, it's likely to have more attack helicopters, armoured cars and rocket launchers than the first American Revolution, and a few more Koreans, too. Homefront has you playing a member of the American resistance in a dystopian future in which North and South Korea have united and formed a military state hell bent on oppressing the USA. You'll find the latest trailer embedded below.

Homefront PC-exclusive features and system specs detailed. Now available to pre-order on Steam

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Kaos Studios have announced a wealth of PC-only features for their upcoming FPS, Homefront, along with system specs and pre-order information.

Click more for the details.

Homefront time-line details the invasion

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THQ have launched an interactive time-line for Homefront, which details the years leading up to the Korean invasion of America.

The time-line chronicles from 2010 through to 2027 (the year Homefront takes place), and includes a variety of artefacts such as newspaper cuttings and some Command and Conquer-like video clips. It's an entertaining feature for those interested in Homefront's alternative future.

Homefront system specs revealed

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THQ have released system specifications for their upcoming FPS, Homefront. Find them below.

Homefront's eight-hour campaign influenced by Half-Life

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Homefront's single-player campaign will take players anything from eight hours to a full day, and is stylistically influenced by Valve's Half-Life series, comments Kaos' senior single-player designer Zach Wilson. Read on for the full story.

Homefront to have dedicated servers

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Kaos Studios - the developer behind upcoming FPS Homefront - has confirmed that the game will feature dedicated servers. Read on for the details.

Homefront developers enter 'crunch', employees working seven day weeks

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Providing a frank insight in to the pressures of game development, a beleaguered employee from Kaos Studios has spoken out about the studio's intense efforts to get Homefront finished on time. He reveals that employees had been working a ten hour daily schedule for six months and are now embarking on "7 day a week crunch mode."

Homefront to use THQ's "Online Pass" system

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THQ's upcoming military shooter Homefront is set to use it's 'Online Pass' in an effort to reduce second hand sales of the game. Those buying the game new will receive the single-use pass free with their purchase. Without the pass, players will only have access to five of the 75 levels available in the online multiplayer mode.

Homefront trailer shows America occupied by North Korea

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The latest Homefront trailer offers a brutal insight into the game's vision of an America occupied by North Korean forces. The game is set after a decade-long energy war that sees North Korea launch an all out offensive on the American homeland. It's down to you to martial resistance forces and fight back using guerilla tactics, and a remote controlled tank.

Homefront PC port has dedicated servers

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Homefront, the oh-god-Korea-invaded-America shooter, has been confirmed for PC. While Kaos studios are hard at work on the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions, THQ have assigned Digital Extremes to the PC version. It's scheduled for release in "early 2011".