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Cello Fortress: play a real cello as a means of defense

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Handily covering our "well, that's unexpected" quota for today is Cello Fortress, a unique multiplayer gaming concept from Proun creator Joost van Dongen. Using twin-stick controls, attackers must break past defenses to destroy a base (bass?). Using an actual cello, the defending player modifies the type of guns his base wields by playing different notes and improvising a tune.

Proun pirated by 40% of players. Pay What You Want model "did pretty badly," says creator

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Proun is a gorgeous indie game that has you racing along a rail through abstract worlds. It was released back in June under a pay what you want model. Back then, Proun's creator Joost van Dongen promised to release the sales data to let everyone know how the payment system worked for him. Now Gamasutra report on a huge blog post van Dongen has published, revealing the exact sales figures for Proun. His verdict? "Proun is a big success! Pay What You Want is not!"

Proun released, pay what you want

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Proun, an abstract indie racing game which sees you looping around a cable in order to avoid upcoming objects, has just been released for the princely sum of £whateveryouwant. Although people who actually pay will get a free bonus track. There's a new launch trailer above to show off the game's splendid art style, or you can check out the old one..

Proun was made by one man, Joost van Dongen (although he got someone else to do the soundtrack) who has worked on it for six years, he's written about the history of making the game on his blog.

You can download Proun from the official website here although it seems to be down right now, which we can only hope is an indicator of Joost's success.

UPDATE: Joost has put up a second site after the amount of traffic took down the first one. Thanks to phatbadger for the tip off.

Proun trailer shows amazing abstract race courses

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Proun is an abstract indie racing game in which your craft is attached to a long, looping cable. In order to gain speed you have to rotate around the pole, avoiding the abstract objects hurtling towards you. The new video above gives us a quick look at some of the beautiful environments you can race through. The full version is due out this spring, but there's a beta available now to download and play for free. For more info, check out the Proun development blog. To see the game at full speed, check out an older trailer for the game, embedded below.