GOG offers charity bundle sale with all proceeds going to charity

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You can never have too much of a good thing, and a good thing is donating to charity while getting new games. DRM-free gaming store GOG is holding a bundle sale where you can pick up three games for a $5 donation to the World Wildlife Fund, Gaming for Good, or Worldbuilders.

Incredipede free for Linux users, 50% off for less open-source operating systems

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Animal creation puzzler Incredipede is holding an "Open Source Appreciation week", in which Linux users are being rewarded with a free copy of the game. As users of the open-source OS crawl, roll and sproing away with their newly gifted present, there's no need for other platform users to feel abandoned. You're being given a not insignificant 50% off, instead. adventure game sale discounts Machinarium, Miasmata, To The Moon and more

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There are some good deals to be found in's 'Adventurers Assemble' sale, which combines ADVENTURE GAMES with 60% OFF to make a bunch of point-and-click titles cheaper for this weekend only. If you've been waiting for an opportunity to purchase the likes of Primordia, Resonance, Machinarium, the Blackwell series, tearjerker To The Moon, or island survival game Miasmata, then you've found it. The deal ends on Monday at 3:59AM GMT, so you only have... a number of hours left on the clock.

Incredipede's terrifying leg-monster shuffles menacingly onto Steam today

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After winning over Greenlight with its many legs and its creepy, singular eye, Incredipede has finally arrived on Steam [UPDATE: Here it is]. Or it will in a bit, presumably when the Americas wake up and are mentally prepared to deal with the Cthulhian monstrosities you can conjure up in this ungodly creature-building game. I mean, just look at that thing up there. I don't know whether to put it out of its misery or hide under the covers until it goes away. In addition to adding a bunch of new features (details below), the Steam version of Incredipede will launch with a sale, knocking $5 off the typical asking price.

Incredipede creeps onto Steam next week

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Creature creating puzzle game Incredipede is finally preparing for a Steam launch. There's a new trailer, plus details of the added extras being packed into this updated version. So here's your challenge: can you craft an animal with enough limbs and muscles to click on this post and see them? What's that? You've already evolved a perfectly good finger for the task? Good enough, I guess.

Independent Games Festival 2013 entries revealed

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The Independent Games Festival, the longest running and best-known competition for independent developers, have just announced the list of games up for the 2013 Main Competition. A record-breaking 589 entrants have been selected, with a range of games that boggle the mind in scope and theme. There's something for everyone.

You probably just snarked at the screen and said: "Oh really? Is there a puzzle game based on the relation between regular expressions and finite state machines?" Well no-one likes a grumpy Gus. And yes, there totally is.

Incredipede interview: how lizards and subways inspired the bohemian globetrotting devs

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Two years ago, Colin Northway - the extravagantly-bearded, globetrotting creator of Incredipede - sold everything he owned except for a backpack, some clothes and a laptop, and got on a plane with his wife and a plan: to travel the world making indie games.

Since then, he's been to Turkey, Czech Republic, Italy, Malta, Scotland, Paris, British Columbia Canada, Honduras, Costa Rica, BC (again), Tokyo, The Philippines, Hong Kong, Greece, Scotland (again), and France.

I caught up with Northway to ask about the inspiration for creature-constructing puzzle-game Incredipede, how travelling helps him make better games, and how to stay productive while working within a stone's throw of a tropical beach. You can read more about the game in our Incredipede preview, vote for it on Incredipede's Steam Greenlight page, and even pre-order it at

Steam Greenlight: 15 ace games from the PC Gamer Collection

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While Valve continue to work out the kinks in their promo-platform piping, we’ve pooled together our favourite picks from the Steam Greenlight community into the PC Gamer Greenlight Collection. This will certainly continue to grow, so do check back, but here’s the first fifteen to make it in: experimental puzzlers, gruesome horror yarns, frantic frag-fests, puntastic platformers, games we can’t even pronounce - and all deserving of wider recognition. Why not have a peek and let us know what other games have tickled your fancy in the comments?

Valve launches crowdsourced game submission system Steam Greenlight

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Greenlight, Valve's voting platform for indie game submissions on Steam, has just switched on, and eager developers are pouring in pitches for their games.

As an initiative by Valve to merge community interaction with its approval process for Steam publishing, Greenlight allows users to browse, comment, rate, and track indie games under consideration through bios, screenshots, and video collections. Several noteworthy names have already popped up, including our 2011 Mod of the Year pick No More Room in Hell, as well as Incredipede and The Intruder.

Incredipede trailer pulls limbs out of an eyeball and makes it walk in a creepy but awesome way

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Incredipede is an indie puzzle game that "celebrates the vast diversity of life in the world" by letting you pull bony limbs out of a giant green eyeball, and then fasten muscles to its twisted joints to create a monster capable of traversing 60 increasingly perilous levels. It's disturbing and strangely beautiful, and I can't wait to play it.