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Incredipede free for Linux users, 50% off for less open-source operating systems

Animal creation puzzler Incredipede is holding an "Open Source Appreciation week", in which Linux users are being rewarded with a free copy of the game. As users of the open-source OS crawl, roll and sproing away with their newly gifted present, there's no need for other platform users to feel abandoned. You're being given a not insignificant 50% off, instead.

"I'm making it free because Linux users are such strong supporters of indie games and because I like Linux, and the philosophy behind it so much," writes the game's creator Colin Northway. In addition, a portion of the week's Humble Store sales are being donated to the open source projects FlashDevelop and Box2D - both of which were instrumental in the creation of the game.

To claim your free copy, head to this page of the Incredipede site. There you'll also find instructions for the game's optimum set-up - a side-effect of the lack of Linux support from the decidedly closed-source Adobe Air.

If you've not heard of Incredipede, this trailer should fill you in on what to expect:

Phil Savage
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