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Green Man Gaming's 666 sale offers great deals with The Devil

Perry Vandell at

While the annual Steam Summer Sale has become something of a holiday for thrifty PC gamers, it’s not the sole vector of crazy video game sales. Green Man Gaming has decided to enter the fight with its demonic 666 sale, and it isn’t afraid to bring out the big pitchforks.

Black Friday deals: the best PC game and hardware sales on the web

Tyler Wilde at

Good news, everyone! Steam, Amazon, Blizzard, and more have kicked off Consumer Season by booby trapping the web with potent spending bait such as 33% off XCOM: Enemy Unknown, 50% off The Walking Dead, and 66% off StarCraft II. We spent the morning stumbling through the minefield to compile a list of some of the best seasonal discounts, but stay vigilant: more surprise server-busters are bound to go live as we approach the spendiest weekend of the year.

Green Man Gaming merges with gaming social network, Playfire

Tom Senior at

Green Man Gaming, the independent online game shop, have announced that they'll be merging with Playfire, a social network that tracks the games you and your friends are currently playing, offering stats and badges to reward your gaming achievements. The companies won't be smushing into a single amoeba-like entity, they'll exist alongside each other, offering cross-service perks like easy access to GMG accounts from Playfire, and vice versa.

Green Man Gaming CEO speaks out on EU digital sales ruling

Tom Hatfield at

Yesterday the European Court of Justice ruled that consumers had the right to sell digital their digital games. This is something that could potentially change digital distribution forever, but how exactly? Eurogamer have been speaking to Paul Sulyok, CEO of Green Man Gaming, about what all this could mean.

Green Man Gaming are giving away free copies of Commandos 3

Tom Senior at

Fancy a free game? Green Man Gaming are giving away Commandos 3: Destination Berlin (72%, PCG UK 128). It's not quite the high point of the classic strategic squad management series, but it still presents a sturdy challenge for anyone who likes the idea of guiding a burly squad of chain smokers in berets through some hand-drawn warzones.

The Green Man Gaming blog has details of the deal, mentioning that each free copy of Commandos 3 comes with a 10% off voucher that can be used to shave some bucks off the likes of the delightfully smart Quantum Conundrum, SpellForce 2 and Sleeping Dogs. The selection of discounted games is set to change every so often, so keep an eye on the site if you don't fancy using the voucher on the games listed. The offer is live now, and will run until midday tomorrow GMT. Yay for free stuff!