Green Man Gaming's 666 sale offers great deals with The Devil

While the annual Steam Summer Sale has become something of a holiday for thrifty PC gamers, it's not the sole vector of crazy video game sales. Green Man Gaming has decided to enter the fight with its demonic 666 sale , and it isn't afraid to bring out the big pitchforks.

The 666 sale works in that six games go on sale every six hours over the next six days. As of right now, DmC: Devil May Cry , Euro Truck Simulator 2, Stellar Impact (which is free), The Walking Dead Season 1, The XCOM Enemy Unknown pack , and the EVE Online starter pack are the featured titles for now.

GMG's also offering a voucher that knocks an additional 20 percent off a game's price, though it only applies to games discounted through the 666 sale. Still, that's not a bad deal.

Most of the games you buy through GMG require Steam to download, which is handy if you're the type of person who prefers to have their games all in one spot. The sale will end around July 6, so try to remain vigilant until then, and remember that GOG's Summer Sale is still on. We'll be rationing our reserves of canned beans to aid our ever-emptying wallets.