Win a year's subscription to EVE Online

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EVE Online is a crazy place. People get suicide-bombed for being rich. Other players throw competitive tournaments for in-game bribes. The developers are just as insane: driving boats, hanging out with the President of Iceland, and launching replica EVE pods into space.

It's one of the most interesting communities in PC gaming today, but it's also intimidating. So we're going to help you get started.

Behind-the-scenes with the makers of the WoW TCG and a loot card giveaway

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Wizard101 Pet-a-palooza giveaway

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If you have kids that like video games, you probably know why a pet giveaway for Wizard101 is a big deal. Pets are a big part of the family-friendly MMO that uses a card-based combat system doused in magical powers. You can collect them, train them, level them, splice their DNA with other pets, use them in browser minigame tie-ins, and plenty else.

And if you know anything about kids, you know that they want the new shiny thing, and there are plenty of shiny new things in these pet codes we're giving away. Read on to see how you can win.

The Secret World beta weekend key giveaway

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This giveaway has not closed. Congratulations if you managed to get a key!

The Secret World is going to be a lot less secret for those invited into the super secretbeta test this weekend. Uh oh. I've said too much. The Illuminati are almost certainly on the way, but I think I just have enough time to give away TEN THOUSAND beta keys before they get here. Read on for your chance to grab a key. Quick! This tin foil hat will only hold off the forces of evil for so long.

Giveaway: win a copy of Crusader Kings 2

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We have ten codes for Crusader Kings 2 to give away to our most devious readers. You'll need a ruthless streak if you're going to keep the throne in this expansive medieval strategy game. Waging war and maintaining your kingdom are important, but you'll also have to work hard to secure a healthy line of succession for your empire using favoured medieval methods, like assassination, and marriage. The trailer above provides a glimpse of the nefarious practices needed to keep your pawns in all the right places.

All you have to do to win a code is answer the following question in the comments. We'll pick out our ten favourites next week.

Hack, slash, and kick it old-school with a free copy of Legend of Grimrock [Giveaway]

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Bring the pain to Big-Ass Monsters with our TERA beta key giveaway

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Command a menacing metal beast with our World of Tanks giveaway

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Take on colossal monsters with our RaiderZ alpha key giveaway

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Perfect World Entertainment wants you to see the great outdoors—then slay the gigantic monsters that populate the world of RaiderZ. This MMO is fashioned after the wildly popular Monster Hunter series, and is definitely one we're keeping our eyes on. But why not play it while you keep tabs on its humongous baddies?

Celebrate Heroes of Newerth's 100th hero by trying him out for free! [Giveaway]

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On Friday, S2 Games hit a major milestone with its flagship franchise, Heroes of Newerth, by adding the 100th hero to the game's humongous roster. That hero is Kinesis, a slick Intelligence caster who excels at nuking his enemies to death by quickly chaining telekinetic spells. Want to try him out, totally free of charge? We've got 50 unlock codes for Kinesis, and with HoN being free-to-play, anyone can give this landmark hero a go.

Get your clicking finger primed with our Diablo III Beta Code GIVEAWAY! [Update]

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All of the keys have been given out! Thanks again to everyone who participated!

Greetings, PCG visitors! Stay awhile, and listen! We've got a heap of Diablo III beta codes, and we want to give them to you. Whether you're amped to play the crafty Wizard, cold-blooded Demon Hunter, combo-centric Monk, shamanistic Witch Doctor, or the classic Barbarian, this will be your chance to get ahead of the pack.

We'll be giving away the codes en masse on the PC Gamer Facebook and Twitter pages; simply find the post, hit the "Like" button, then click "Reshare." Once we've hit our (super-secret) tallies, we'll throw out another batch of codes like money onto a crowded street. No longer do you need to consider sacrificing a goat to Rakanishu to get Diablo III beta access—this is your chance!

Slip into a beautiful nightmare with the Alan Wake Collector's Edition [Giveaway]

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Sure, we might've gotten it a tad later, but clearly the definitive Alan Wake experience is on the PC. In fact, this surreal survival-horror game looks so good that we'd like to share it with you. Well, to be honest, we just don't want to be the only ones who have to go to sleep with the lights on after playing it. Read on to find out how you can snag yourself a free copy of Remedy Entertainment's cerebral thriller—the Collector's Edition, no less!

Win the Dead Island Bloodbath Arena DLC

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You there! Do you enjoy slaying the undead? Of course you do, so why not enter our latest competition and win the chance to kill more zombies than ever before? We're giving away five copies of Dead Island's new Bloodbath Arena DLC, which adds a new survival mode. Better yet, as these prizes are digital, anyone can enter! What are you waiting for?

Check inside for details of how to win.

Blacklight: Retribution beta key giveaway with PC Gamer weapon tag (US ONLY)

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We don't know about you, but we're getting a little tired of constantly having to "stay frosty" and yell "frag out." If you've had your fun with the MW3s and BF3s, why not try something even more moderner and without a $60 entry fee? Thanks to Zombie Studios and Perfect World Entertainment, an answer has arrived...

World of Warcraft is seven, free stuff for all players

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If World of Warcraft were an Indian child, it would have just reached the age of criminal responsibility. This is a round-about way of saying that World of Warcraft is seven years old. To celebrate the game being legally responsible for its actions - if it were an Indian child - developers and publishers Blizzard are giving away a “Celebration Package” item, according to their official blog and reported by our chums at CVG.

The item consists of a few fireworks, a “feat of strength” added to your achievements, a visual only tabard and a 7% bonus to experience and reputation gains while active. To get the package, you’ll need to log in between now and 3 December. "It’s been a truly incredible seven years, and we’d like to thank you all for joining us for yet another fantastic year," say Blizzard, adding a request that players "please observe all goblin and gnome fire hazard warnings and celebrate responsibly."

EU giveaway: win a Might and Magic Heroes figure

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A massive parcel arrived at PC game HQ recently. What could it contain? Why only a glorious angel man figure from Might and Magic Heroes VI! (It's the one on the left) This lovingly modelled figurine of the Archangel Micheal will make the perfect nerdy centrepiece for your mantle. You can see a little bit more about it on the Might and Magic Heroes VI website.

Would you like to win this magnificent statue readers? Check inside for details of how to win.

EU giveaway: Win a Cyborg Rat and a ton of Vindictus cash

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It's competition time again! This week the folks at Nexon have teamed up with Cyborg Gaming are celebrating the official launch of Vindictus Europe by giving away a top of the line gaming mouse, some gaming lights and a bundle of in game cash.

Check inside for full details of how to enter and a peek at the goodies.

WIN one of 100 Tribes: Ascend closed beta keys!

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Shaz-to-the-bot. That's the proper response when you've just been admitted to the highly-anticipated Tribes: Ascend beta from Hi-Rez Studios. We're giving away a whopping 100 keys to our lucky fans so you can get the jump on the competition and find the best flag-snatching routes and sniping spots in the premier jetpack FPS. Want to know how to win early-access to the Spinfusor battleground of your dreams? You're only a click away.

EU Giveaway: win a copy of Sengoku

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Don't be scared. Rich is weird-looking but harmless. Promise.

Anyway, enough about oddballs. We have ten copies of Sengoku to give away! It's all thanks to the generous bunch at Paradox Interactive.

Tim Stone recently wrote a Sengoku preview for us. Nothing explains the character-driven strategy game better than this quote: "I might have been an incestuous cradle-snatcher with a patchy military track record and no allies, but I saved and quit feeling faintly elated. Sengoku is plainly a very strange game. If you’re growing a little weary of the Total War formula but find most Paradox games too dense and intimidating, this is definitely one to keep an eye on."

You're intrigued now right? Click through for details of how to enter.

Dragonica goodie bag giveaway. Win magic beans!

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Today at PC Gamer, we're giving away magic beans! And you won't even have to trade away your cow to get them either.

We're giving away 1,000 goodie bags for side scrolling hack and slash MMO Dragonica, to celebrate the release of their expansion, New Origin. Each one is full of useful items, including the aforementioned magic beans, although these ones double your experience rather than growing a giant beanstalk full of angry giants, which is much more useful.

Check inside for details.