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Ghost Recon Online gets renamed, hits Steam in April

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Ubisoft announced on its blog that the free-to-play Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Online will launch on Steam on April 10, rebranded as Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Phantoms. Ubisoft explains that the game earned a new name thanks to a new backstory and a ton of changes and new features, including updated graphics.

Ghost Recon Online launches first official tournament, cup series starts Sept. 15

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Ghost Recon Online will stage its first official tournament September 15, beginning a seven-week cup series that will culminate in a continental final for European and North American players, according to a recent announcement. The $3,200 tournament is being jointly presented by the free-to-play game's publisher Ubisoft and Electronic Sports Leagues.

Ghost Recon Online gets Assassin's Creed III items for cross-promotional cosplay

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The first of three Assassin's Creed III Tyranny of King Washington DLC episodes releases next Tuesday, prompting Ubisoft to initiate tactical cross-promotion operation "Put Hoods in Ghost Recon Online." From today until March 1st, 11 Assassin's Creed-themed items are available for unlock or purchase in the free-to-play tactical shooter's open beta.

PC Gamer UK Podcast: Episode 68 - Weirdly Positive

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This week, Tom Francis, Graham, Rich and Owen convene to talk about Rayman Origins, Fifa, Diablo 3, Skyrim DLC, DayZ, Bohemia's Carrier Command Remake, X-COM, Ghost Recon Online, the Steam charts and your questions from Twitter. All in all, it's a very positive experience.

Download the MP3, subscribe, or find our older podcasts here.

Ghost Recon Online beta key giveaway

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The dictionary lists reconnaissance as a "a search made for useful military information in the field, especially by examining the ground," a common pastime of ghosts, possibly, but not an advisable tactic in Ubisoft's fierce free to play shooter, Ghost Recon Online. Staring at the floor will only get you dead.

GRO is a free to play, tactical, class-based team shooter with lots of levelling and some mad gadgets. You have to take points to earn XP and push back the enemy team, employing futuristic dome shields and microwave beams to draw enemies out of cover so you can snipe them in the head. Get a feel for the three classes in the recent Ghost Recon Online trailer and have a read of our Ghost Recon Online preview for a sense of what it's like to play.

If you'd like to try it before it's out, CVG have thousands of beta keys to give away. Head thataway for details on how to sign up for your chance to grab a slot. Good luck!

Ghost Recon Online closed beta sign-ups available, new trailer talks classes

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Ubisoft's free-to-play multiplayer shooter, Ghost Recon Online will be heading into closed beta on March 5. Blues news mention that you can sign up for a slot now on the Ghost Recon Online site. The new trailer above shows off the three classes. Cowardly long-range shooty man (recon), mid-range shooty man (assault) and mad-gadget man (specialist). You can see more of the interesting super-weapons each class can wield in the recent Ghost Recon Online gadgets trailer.

Ghost Recon Online trailer shows upgrades and mad gadgets

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Ghost Recon Online is a free to play, team-based shooter with three classes and a collection of mad gadgets and unlockable gear upgrades. Owen got to play it a while back and came away quite impressed. You can read his impressions in our Ghost Recon Online preview. The latest developer diary above goes showcases a few of the the high tech toys that each class will get access to. The shoulder mounted heat wave blaster looks like an decent weapon, and a great way to cook some chicken in the field.

Ghost Recon Online being free-to-play is a counter to piracy, says Ubisoft producer

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Ghost Recon Online producer Sébastien Arnoult says that free-to-play games are a response to piracy - and an alternative to the restrictive DRM that's annoyed PC gamers in so many recent Ubisoft games.

"We are giving away most of the content for free because there’s no barrier to entry. To the users that are traditionally playing the game by getting it through Pirate Bay, we said, 'Okay, go ahead guys. This is what you’re asking for. We’ve listened to you - we’re giving you this experience. It’s easy to download, there’s no DRM that will pollute your experience.'"

While Ghost Recon Online is exclusive to PC, Ubisoft's other Ghost Recon game, Future Soldier, uses a traditional payment model and will only be available on console.

"We’re adapting the offer to the PC market. I don’t like to compare PC and Xbox boxed products because they have a model on that platform that is clearly meant to be €60’s worth of super-Hollywood content. On PC, we’re adapting our model to the demand."

PC Gamer US Podcast #274: Hello Tyler. Goodbye Anthony.

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This week, Head Intern [sic] Anthony assembles a team consisting of Lucas, Chris and PCG's newest editor, Tyler Wilde (formerly of GamesRadar) to stop the Reapers and save the Galaxy. But first, they must discuss the topics of the week that was. Stories include Modern Warfare 3, League of Legends' new Tribunal system, Age of Conan going free-to-play, the announcement of Ghost Recon Online, Windows 8 and Duke Nukem Forever finally going gold. We also do a round of Truthiness and Falsity, answer your questions and say our goodbyes to Anthony.

PC Gamer US Podcast 274: Hello Tyler. Goodbye Anthony.

Free-to-play Ghost Recon game announced: Ghost Recon Online

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Ubisoft have just announced Ghost Recon Online, a free-to-play multiplayer game in their near-future combat series. It's a primarily third-person shooter with an unusual cover system, three player classes, and unlockable weapons and abilities. It's built for 16-player games, uses dedicated servers and is exclusive to PC. There's no server browser, but there is a party system to let you play with friends. We've had a play of it, see what we thought in our Ghost Recon Online preview. We've also got the first trailer, showing a lot of the class abilities in action. Screenshots below.

Ghost Recon Online trailer

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Ubisoft have just announced Ghost Recon Online, a free-to-play multiplayer game in their near-future combat series. The launch trailer is above, showing some in-game footage of the character classes in action. We've had a play of it, and you can read what we thought in the first Ghost Recon Online preview.