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Nvidia's GeForce Experience to record gameplay, offer one-click streaming via Twitch

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During an Nvidia event held today, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang discussed a new feature that’ll supposedly make your amazing, video game-related exploits all the more believable to your dubious friends: ShadowPlay.

Nvidia court Youtubers with ShadowPlay recording feature: "like Sky Plus for PC gamers"

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Nvidia have just launched their latest high-end graphics card, the GeForce GTX 780, and an impressively quick, but expensive card it is too. Alongside that we’ll also be getting some interesting updates to the GeForce Experience as well, including the intriguing ShadowPlay feature.

GFE is about to become an opt-in component of the Nvidia’s driver downloads, and given that it’s already had around 2.5 million downloads in its beta form already those numbers are likely to get bigger.

And that means it’s only going to get better and more reliable too.

Nvidia's GeForce Experience is now open to all, green-hued gamers rejoice

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If you’ve got an Nvidia graphics card then get over to their website now and download the open beta for the GeForce Experience. It’s been in closed beta since before Christmas and now Nvidia has now opened it up so that anyone can have a go. I’ve been playing with the GeForce Experience on my rigs for a few months and I think it’s an excellent, unobtrusive bit of software. The more of us that get on the beta, the more accurate the results are going to be, so get on there, test the optimal settings and report back your findings.

GeForce Experience: hands-on with Nvidia's optimisation tool-kit

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GeForce Experience is an application that recommends the optimal settings for any game in its database for your exact configuration of hardware. I’ve been chasing Nvidia for months trying to secure access and finally the closed beta has arrived.

It only works on Nvidia graphics drivers, and only then with the cards from the 400 series Fermi-based cards onwards. But it does take into account your motherboard, CPU and memory settings too. It’s an incredibly simple-to-use bit of kit and I think it could become an essential part of any GeForce gamer's software suites.

GeForce Experience beta launches: Help Nvidia help you optimize your graphics settings

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