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Marvel Heroes review

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Comics are a simple combination of ideas that result in something varied and complex. The many possible permutations of image and text provide a huge amount of freedom for creative people to express themselves, and the superhero genre neatly encapsulates this idea. The best superhero comics manipulate the medium to serve their star character, be that a depiction of Spider-Man where the wall-crawler’s never quite the right way up, or the world of blind vigilante Daredevil rendered as directional sound.

Action-RPGs like Marvel Heroes are a complex combination of mechanics that result in something deceptively simple: an isometric button-basher where you punch thugs until loot and experience fall out. Unlike comics, the action-RPG doesn’t permit much variation on its core formula, and this makes it a singularly poor way to express the personality of characters designed for a more flexible form.

Get a free weekend of Marvel Heroes thanks to Iron Man 3's existence

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Since seeing Iron Man 3, I've been plagued by the vaguely disturbing image of Robert Downey Jr. gyrating to funked-up Christmas tunes as Iron Man parts fly at his body. That's nice and all, but I want some badassery again. It's pretty convenient, then, that Marvel Heroes is having a free open beta weekend to celebrate the film's release. Time to experience what superheroism is really about!

Marvel Heroes zaps onto PCs June 4

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Marvel Heroes is set to strap on its spandex and do that cool snikt noise with its adamantium claws on June 4, when the Diablo-inspired MMORPG hits PCs for free. Those who plopped down some dough for one of three Founders pre-order packs can jump in a week early on May 28.

Marvel Heroes MMO launch window confirmed; starter packs detailed

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Marvel Heroes soars into closed beta in October

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Gazillion and Diablo luminary David Brevik's free-to-play MMO Marvel Heroes enters closed beta on October 1, allowing selected players to don the supple spandex of their favorite Marvel characters in the search for foes to vanquish, loot to gather, and role-playing sessions trading "Pow! Biff! Bamf!" over chat.

Free-to-play MMO Marvel Heroes gets first trailer

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Gazillion Entertainment has released the first gameplay trailer and details for Marvel Heroes, its upcoming free-to-play superhero MMO. It seems we'll be fighting our way through the streets as the likes of Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Thor in a Diablo-style isometric beat 'em up. Unsurprising given that the dev's president, David Brevik, is a veteran of Blizzard North, the studio responsible for Diablo and Diablo II.

A glimpse into what LEGO Universe could've been

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On the eve of LEGO Universe's closure, we sit down with one of the game's concept artists, Mike Rayhawk, who shows off some of the game's gorgeous concept art. Along the way, we ask him questions about the game's development process, what it was like to build, and why he was so excited about where the game was going before it was shut down.

If nothing else, enjoy the awesome LEGO artwork and click any of them to view higher-res versions.