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F1 2013 gets new 'Hungaroring' trailer, October 4 release date

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While I work on my pronunciation of 'Hungaroring', the motor-racing circuit in Hungary, wrap your eyes around this new trailer for Codies' F1 2013 - then put them back in your head where they belong. Their latest F1 tie-in will release on October 4th, just in time for the Korean Grand Prix.

F1 Race Stars to offer colourful arcade take on Formula One

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Codemasters have announced F1 Race Stars, a Formula One racer with a colourful, lighthearted skew. The announce trailer provides a quick tease of the game and doubles as a study of the effects of acceleration on the brain. Is this what Lewis Hamilton sees all of the time?

Race Stars will convert classic F1 tracks like Monaco, Silverstone and the new Austin and Texas tracks into craaazy alternative versions that exaggerate each circuit's most famous features. It'll support 12 player races and offer an "extensive career mode" for solo play. The sport's biggest drivers have also been turned into less aerodynamic bobblehead versions of themselves for maximum d'awww factor.

F1 2011 released, launch trailer races in slow motion

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F1 2011 is now available in North America, with a European release set for this Friday. The new entry in the series has been impressing us here in the office, especially the co-op campaign mode, which lets you experience the curious combination of co-operation and rivalry that fellow racing team members enjoy.

To celebrate the launch, Codemasters have released a new trailer for the game, showing off the gorgeous looking visuals and a stirring soundtrack. It's like a slow motion waltz around the track, which is decidedly unlike the high speed nature of sport itself, but makes for a very pretty video.

Our review of F1 2011 will be in PC Gamer UK 232, which arrives in stores on the 28th of September.

F1 2011 trailer talks KERS, DRS and the safety car

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The fourth F1 2011 diary details the major new additions to this year's Formula One game, following the dramatic rule changes in the sport itself. The DRS system that lets drivers open up their rear wings to gain a boost in straight line speed in carefully specified parts of each course has made it into the game. The KERS system is in, too. That stores electrical energy generated by braking in high tech batteries that can give a driver's engine a useful boost at the right moment.

Last but not least, there's the safety car. It sounds like the least exciting addition, but the slow safety cars that emerge after a crash cause the entire grid to concertina, and can let quick thinking teams grab a vital pit stop they wouldn't otherwise have managed. F1 2011 is out next Tuesday in the US, and on Friday in Europe.

F1 2011 trailer shows co-op championship mode

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The co-op championship is a new addition for F1 2011. It lets two players race through a Formula One season as drivers in the same team. There's always an intense rivalry between fellow team members, partly because racing drivers are a naturally competitive breed, but mainly because the team leader's car will be the first to receive any technological upgrades the constructor's garage cooks up. If you get your nose-cone in front, you stand even more of a chance of grabbing a podium slot. F1 2011 is out on September 20 in the US, September 22 in Australia, and September 23 in the UK.

F1 2011 trailer recaps the season so far, shows safety car

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The latest F1 2011 trailer recaps the Formula One season so far with in-engine recreations of its most dramatic moments. We also get to glimpse the safety car, an optional new feature for the 2011 edition of Codemaster's fastest franchise. F1 2011 is just one month away. Will it have enough to lap last year's game? Check out our F1 2010 review to see what Codemasters are building on.