FIFA 12 will be "as good on PC as it is on console"

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FIFA eh? It's a sore point for PC gaming football fans. Especially when they're told the PC version won't be as hot as the console counterparts. As Rich mentioned in his FIFA 11 review: "It's hard not to be jealous of FIFA 11's flashier console cousin."

But it's all change on the FIFA front. Eurogamer report that executive producer Kaz Makita has been bigging up our version of the ball-kicking sim, saying: "This is the moment all PC gamers have been waiting for, as they are finally going to fully experience the award-winning FIFA gameplay on their preferred platform." Contrary to popular belief we are getting the Player Impact Engine - that's the new tech that makes fatter players heavier and thinner players more flimsy.

Click through for the first PC screenshot and gameplay trailer.

PES 2011 PC review

Tom Senior at

Today is derby day. Former footballing champions PES are looking to recapture their glory days and overcome the nigh-on unstoppable force that is FIFA. The referee looks ready to blow his whistle, and there’s one question on everyone’s lips: could this be the year that PES takes the title?

Football Superstars review

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Football Superstars is an ambitious attempt to make football into an MMO. Rather than controlling an entire team, you’re in charge of an individual footballer, joining in games with other players online.

First Football Manager 2011 details revealed

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Sports Interactive yesterday announced 2011's version of their life-altering, habit-forming Football Manager series. The game's first screenshots are below, and I spoke to developer Sports Interactive's Studio Director Miles Jacobson – look out for the interview later on the site – who explained a few of the game's key features. Obviously, you'll be managing footballers under your charge, but there's a greater focus this year on reactivity: negotiations with players and agents are done quickfire over a virtual table, doing away with previous years' oddly slow back and forth on contract discussion.