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Thief interview -- mission structure, complexity, lessons from Deus Ex: Human Revolution

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Eidos Montreal's latest gig shaping its Thief reboot treads a fine and shadowy line. The modern entry to the esteemed stealth series has the cautious attention of franchise fans who've long awaited a new Thief, but it's also mixing the new in with the tried-and-true: a grittier and more involved Garrett, an all-revealing Focus mechanic, and a conservative jumping/climbing control scheme.

Thief hands-on: the life and times of a kleptomanic clock tower cosh-ninja

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So, Garrett is a ninja that lives in a clock tower now. I'm not sure how I feel about that. I always had him pinned as the sardonic vagrant sort, scraping a difficult living eating mice in stolen basement spaces to avoid the authorities. That's the trouble with Thief, I've filled every dark low-poly corner of the game with assumed lore. In the long years since I first played it, it has become a better game in memory. It's easy to forget how blind and thick the guards could be, the silly hats they sometimes wore, and those damn giant spiders.

How can Eidos Montreal ever hope to meet the expectations of Thief fans? They've certainly ticked off the general feature list well enough. Hiding in shadows - check. Rope arrows, fire arrows, water arrows - check. A dark city full of bawdy crooks and racked with sociopolitical strife - yep. I spent a few hours sneaking around the market hub district that surrounds Garrett's clock tower home, and came away worried. I got a good whiff of the grimy, mysterious atmosphere I associate with classic Thief, but in the final ten minutes - side missions completed - I ran around the level easily coshing sword-wielding guards into unconsciousness in dull face-to-face combat. Hmmm.

Thief trailer shows first in-game footage of Garrett sneaking, stealing and escaping

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Were you worried that the new Thief wouldn't be a game? Put those fears to rest. As you'll see from this trailer, Garrett has to escape from a burning building, thereby confirming that yes, it will be an interactive video game. Further evidence exists in the fact that this is the first Thief trailer to show footage from the game as it is played. Sure, it's hidden around cutscenes and narrative brooding, but it's there.

Deus Ex: Universe announced, is an "expanding and connected game world" that includes a new PC game

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Eidos Montreal, sensing how much people love Deus Ex, and how disappointed people are when a Deus Ex announcement turns out to be an iPhone game, have revealed Deus Ex: Universe. Rather than one single game, it's a giant web of media spin-offs that "will include PC and console games". In fact, part of the announcement post confirms the existence of a proper Human Revolution follow-up, planned for PC and next-gen boxes.

Thief's 'Bank Heist' revealed: a "true homage" to Thief 2, hidden away as pre-order DLC

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Square Enix's new Thief has had a somewhat strained relationship with fans of the series. Under normal circumstances, you'd think this announcement could alleviate some of the worry: it's a bank heist mission, advertised as a "true homage" to Thief II's very own bank-based escapades. That sounds like a significant and meaningful connection to the series' past. So of course it's pre-order DLC.

Thief release date announced, Gamescom trailer slips out while you're distracted

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Typical. Eidos Montreal open their window just a crack so they can shout to the streets the release date of the upcoming Thief, and what happens? Their Gamescom trailer leaps out into the public eye, to be snatched up by interested eyes. It continues the studio's insistence on promoting the game with CGI movies, but this time focuses on the city and it's increasingly harrowing problems.

Eidos Montreal's general manager resigns citing "lack of courage" from Square Enix Europe

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The general manager of Eidos Montreal, Stephane D'Astous, has announced that he resigned from the studio last Friday. In a statement made to Polygon, he criticised the developer's parent company, Square Enix Europe, over a "lack of leadership, lack of courage and the lack of communication".

Thief developer diary steals a quick glance at Garrett's backstory

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You don't get to develop a gravelly voice or kleptomania through anything as quaint as a happy childhood, that's for sure. This new dev diary from Eidos Montreal reveals the backstory behind Thief's protagonist, Garrett—and as you may have guessed, his early years were disappointingly bereft of cuddles.

Thief begins to find its form in a new dev interview

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Like Garrett out of the shadows, details continue to emerge that give shape to Eidos Montreal's upcoming Thief reboot. From a new Shack News interview with lead level designer Daniel Windfeld Schmidt we hear about the "reinvention" of the stealthy, blackjack-swinging original.

Thief screenshots show stealth and whacking

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Thief was appropriately - if surprisingly - quiet this E3. We caught the odd brief glimpse: most tangibly a bizarre CGI trailer that explained little besides Garrett's love of bows and pinching thing. Now OPM have caught sight of something slinking through the darkness. Hey, it's screenshots! Get 'em!

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut coming to PC

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A director's cut version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution is coming soon to PC, according to a new report by Gamespot. Although it had previously been announced as a Nintendo Wii U release, the new multi-platform edition will integrate previously released DLC as well as offer updated boss fights, altered combat, and "enhanced visuals," according to the title's official website.

Thief E3 trailer shows a man who likes to steal things

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And... We're off. E3 may not be until next week, but the E3 trailers are already slipping out from the shadows, trying to pinch precious minutes of our attention. Square Enix are going retro with their CGI Thief trailer, all the way back to last year, when bows were the show's weapon de rigueur. Let us steal it from its unsecured YouTube box, and hide it away inside this post.

Deus Ex: The Fall officially teased, more info tomorrow [Update: Oh, it's for mobiles and tablets]

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Here's a video whose length and content are inversely proportional to my excitement at what it's purportedly teasing. Here's what we've got: seven seconds, a few notes of ethereally bleepy soundtrack, yellow triangles, the words Deus Ex: The Fall, a date, and a voice saying "are we ready to begin?" Why yes, I rather think we are.

Thief's return allegedly hampered by setbacks at Eidos Montreal

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While we're anxiously awaiting Eidos Montreal's reboot of cornerstone PC gaming franchise Thief next year, you might've wondered why we've only just begun to hear hard details about it this year. Its announcement-of-existence in 2009 was followed by years of public silence—which, we're learning now, was allegedly filled with quiet turmoil, office politics, and assorted strife. Will Thief's rocky journey show in the final product?

Thief dev assures that "PC version isn't just a copy of the console version"

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Eidos Montreal would make terrible sneaks. Since the announcement of Thief, they've been revealing themselves all over the place, discussing, teasing, and more often than not reassuring people about their plans for the reboot. Garrett would be turning in his grave over all this attention. If he were dead. Which he's not. Because they're making a new game.

Their latest appearance is an interview with Strategy Informer, in which producer Stephane Roy talks about Eidos Montreal's plans for the PC version of the game.

Thief behind-the-scenes video uncovers Eidos Montreal's plans

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Like a stealth master, I've been lurking in the shadows of Tyler's Thief preview, after having pilfered Playstation Access' behind-the-scenes interviews with the team at Eidos Montreal. Admittedly, I've now made a rookie error by exposing myself to the digital light and shouting "Hey! Look at this!" Here, I'll leave the video with you for safekeeping while I attempt to rustle up some gas arrows to cover my clumsy escape.

Thief's developers explain why Garrett has a different voice actor

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Since it's announcement, Eidos Montreal seem to be playing whack-a-mole with Thief fans - knocking down criticism to every change and feature with their blackjack made of reassurance and blog posts. The latest worry mole, popping up in response to the recent reveal trailer, centred around Garrett's voice, and how regular vocal artist Stephen Russell was no longer performing as the sneaky lead. Thief narrative director Steven Gallagher and audio director Jean-Christophe Verbert explained the move in a community interview.

Thief reveal trailer: Garrett explores what makes a perfect plunderer

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The smoke of a freshly snuffed candle from a Thief teaser still lingers in the air, but time is trivial for master burglar Garrett. He's back on the creaky wooden stage already in the upcoming stealth reboot's full debut trailer to say, essentially: "I rule."

Thief's action-packed teaser trailer shows Garrett's arm - and a candle

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Eidos Montreal have released a staggeringly short teaser trailer for Thief. It shows a candle, an arm and the promise of more information on April 2nd. But what information could it be? Maybe the location of a box in a highly secured mansion that, when successfully pinched, will reveal a USB stick containing a video of Garrett's other arm. Isolate the audio from that video and run it through a spectrographic analyser and you'll get the co-ordinates to another mansion. Prowl through that, systematically knocking out all of its patrolling guards, and the combined snores will spell out the URL of a fuller trailer in morse code.

Or they might just post something to the internet. If they want to be boring.

Thief's Focus ability detailed, Eidos Montreal want to ensure that purists have options

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Eidos Montreal have offered up some details on one of the new features of their upcoming Thief revival. Focus is an ability Garrett can access to speed up his reactions, giving him more time to perform combat or lockpicking. Game director Nick Cantin explains the ability in a community blog post. And, almost like he's anticipating a response from the series' most hardcore fans, he repeatedly assures that the ability is optional.