Doctor Who

Google Doodle takes you on a Doctor Who adventure through time and pixels

Phil Savage at

You'd be forgiven for not having heard about Google, an internet search engine that never really took off. If you've not visited it before, here's the link. Alternatively you can Bing it, or Yahoo it, or Lycos it, or AltaVista it. I'd also suggest you Ask Jeeves, but the poor guy must be rushed off his feet serving new internet minutia to his billions of users. Here's a fun idea: imagine an alternate universe where Google was somehow the most popular search engine, and today celebrated the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who with an enjoyable game playable from its front page?

Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock incoming, explore time and relative dimensions in space "soon"

Tom Senior at

The BBC have sent word that a new Doctor Who game is hurtling through time and space towards our hard drives. It's called Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock and will be available as a digital download "soon." The teaser trailer above shows the Tardis tumbling through a clock the size of the universe. It's probably a figurative bit of visual flair, but the idea of fizzing through the galaxy in the Doctor's blue box, popping in the clockwork of the cosmos is a good one, and a fitting task for a Time Lord.

Saturday Crapshoot: Dalek Attack

Richard Cobbett at

Every week, Richard Cobbett rolls the dice to bring you an obscure slice of gaming history, from lost gems to weapons grade atrocities. This week… knock knock!

In just a few short hours, it'll be time to wave goodbye to the 2011 series of Doctor Who until Christmas. What can we expect from the final episode? Time-bending weirdness, no doubt. Light-hearted banter. Heartwarming scenes and/or heartbreaking drama. If it followed the example of Dalek Attack though, it'd start with the Doctor saying "I use guns now. Guns are cool!" and then heading off on a universe spanning adventure to blow up every single alien who's ever gotten in his face.

(Well, as long as he started with the Slitheen, I could probably tolerate it...)

But does spectacularly missing the point of the entire character to churn out a dreadful platform game make Dalek Attack a bad game in its own right? No, but that's okay. The jumping, shooting, difficulty, graphics, sound and everything else are all on-board to help out, as the Doctor has the kind of day that makes repeatedly getting shot by an impossible astronaut seem positively relaxing...

Saturday Crapshoot: Destiny of the Doctors

Richard Cobbett at

On the face of it, there's no good reason why nobody's ever made a genuinely good Doctor Who game. The Doctor is great. The entire universe is his playground. He has an amazing gallery of enemies. He's the ultimate adventurer, constantly mixed up in both universal and human scale chaos. And yet, somehow, it's never worked. The recent Adventure Games should have been great, but ended up feeling cheap and undercooked. Before them, it's only really been platform games and a couple of text adventures, usually with names like Dalek Attack. We've never however had the interactive Doctor Who he deserved. Hell, we've yet to have one that lets us walk into the TARDIS and admire its bigger-on-the-insideness, like everyone's been talking about doing since Unreal showed up with its portal effects back in 1998.

What we did get was Destiny of the Doctors. Start the Cloister Bell chiming...