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Disney signs deal for Marvel MOBA

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In the world of comic books, henchmen beelining straight into a hero's gloved fists in a straight and orderly line usually results in a quick victory festooned with bam and thok sound effects. In MOBAs, it's a happy little train of gold and XP. As reported by MMO Culture (via GameSpy), Disney Interactive Studios wants the Marvel Universe's next nemesis to be the almighty lane creep, as it formalized a contract today with Korean developer Smilegate for the creation of a MOBA featuring Marvel's country-sized cast of characters.

Disney Universe announced. Trailer features slo-mo tongues

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Disney Universe has just been announced by, well, Disney. It's set to be a multiplayer action-adventure game inspired by all kinds of Disney/Pixar stuff and, if the glimpses of costume design/avatar anatomy are anything to go by, PS3's LittleBigPlanet. Expect DLC aplenty.

For more on Disney Universe, check out the official site.

Split/Second: Velocity review

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There are two of areas where computer games traditionally excel: racing fast machines and blowing stuff up. But somehow, combining the two into a compelling entertainment experience isn’t always as easy as one plus one equals two. Thankfully Black Rock Studios have concocted a winning blend of speed and mayhem with Split/Second, perhaps the best ‘combat’ racing game to hit the PC since 1998’s Dethkarz.