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Indie RPG Chasm leaps over Kickstarter goal

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I couldn't be more delighted with the news that the promising Chasm has met its Kickstarter target - and not just because it gave me an excuse to use that exciting headline. OK, so it's mostly that, but I also like the cut of the action RPG's jib. The Symphony of the Night/Zelda/Diablo-inspired sidescroller has brought in all $150,000 required to make the game happen. It's still a few...hundred thousand dollars shy of achieving all its stretch goals, but there are five days to go before Mr Kickstarter bangs his power-gavel and declares Chasm's funding campaign "OOOOOVEERRRRR". Also: Mr Kickstarter is a robot.

2D Action-RPG Chasm heads to Kickstarter, drags a demo from its depths

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Remember Chasm? You have a terrible memory. Chasm is a rather promising sidescrolling Action-RPG, featuring Metroidvania elements and procedural generation - basically, the works. Back in January we mentioned that a demo and funding campaign were on their way at some point - and now that time has come. Discord Games are asking for $150,000 of your Kickstarter money to make the game happen; a fairly large sum, but this impressive demo may help them on their way.

Chasm is a stunning sidescrolling Action-RPG set, you guessed it, in a mine

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You probably think you've maxed out on procedurally generated RPGs set in dank subterranean environments, but boy are you dead wrong. Also: you're dead, because you just stepped on a trap plate, you idiot. Chasm is the procedurally generated dungeon crawler by way of a 16-bit, Metroidvania-style platformer, with added randomised sprite-slicing (those evil floating eyeballs will never know what hit them), oh and random loot drops, an optional permadeath mode, and an absolutely lovely visual style.