David Brevik

Battle.net transformed Diablo from "a single-player, turn-based DOS game"

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It's pretty impossible defining Blizzard without Battle.net, its multiplayer matchmaking platform and the first in-game service of its kind. It was a major selling point for Diablo, but the RPG's legacy—perhaps even the legacy of multiplayer gaming itself—could've turned out differently if not for a last-minute whim. In an interview with PCGamesN, Diablo designer and former Blizzard North head David Brevik reveals the trailblazing title was initially a turn-based solo adventure with no online capability whatsoever.

Marvel Heroes soars into closed beta in October

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Gazillion and Diablo luminary David Brevik's free-to-play MMO Marvel Heroes enters closed beta on October 1, allowing selected players to don the supple spandex of their favorite Marvel characters in the search for foes to vanquish, loot to gather, and role-playing sessions trading "Pow! Biff! Bamf!" over chat.