Neverwinter review

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Somehow, I suspect that if you sneaked into the office where Neverwinter was developed, you’d be less likely to find a design document than a very, very big roll of free bubblewrap. Neverwinter is a free-to-play RPG that somehow nails that sense of second-by-second popping satisfaction, often despite itself. Pop, a monster goes down. Pop, a sparkling light trail to get you straight to the next one. Pop, the chime of a new level earned. Neverwinter is a game of cold proficiency, built with experience and understanding of these moments and how to create them.

Too bad it’s also one of the least creative games ever to waste the chance to do something interesting with them.

Star Trek Online Season 7: New Romulus trailer

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The next chapter of Star Trek Online's ongoing voyages is set to engage next Tuesday. Players will be able to explore New Romulus, the largest ground exploration zone in the game to date, as they aid the Romulans in building a new home. Check out the trailer inside, and read on for more intel.

Cryptic announces that hackers stole account info in 2010

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Cryptic, the dev studio behind Champions Online, Star Trek Online and the upcoming MMO Neverwinter, has just released a notice that some of their servers that contain users' personal information were hacked in 2010 and that the encrypted data had been compromised. But the good news is that if you follow good internet practice and have changed your passwords sometime in the last two years, you probably don't have to be worried by the bleak letter that just appeared on Cryptic's website, or the cautionary email you may have just received.

Cryptic's Neverwinter MMO gets first real trailer, focuses on story

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Cryptic recently took the wraps off Neverwinter's MMO makeover, but in terms of viewable media, the developer's been rather, er, cryptic. That all ends today, however, as this nice story trailer - complete with its own gruff, grizzled veteran regaling grim tales in the back of a bar - has suddenly appeared on the Internet. If that's not enough, there's also a dragon. And a bridge! Who doesn't love those? Adventure northward - through this precarious morass of words - to see for yourself.

Revisiting Star Trek Online: Klingons, combat and more

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It’s been a rough ride for Star Trek Online. Many Trekkies lamented that the space combat lacked some punch, and ground combat felt more like watching paint dry than a space-faring sci-fi adventure. Previous updates have addressed the first problem, and the latest patch offers some exciting new enhancements to ground combat.

The “shooter” control scheme is simple to enable: either go into the menu and select it from a drop-down, or hit B on the keyboard. A targeting reticule will pop up on your screen, and the camera will switch to over your shoulder, similar to a third-person shooter. Going into shooter mode also changes the way you enable your abilities. The left and right mouse buttons are your main and alternate attack, and the middle button is your melee attack. Just point at your target and use an ability to activate it. No more Tab targeting for you!

Star Trek Online will make free to play switch on January 17

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Star Trek Online will be go free to play in the new year on January 17. Massively mention that Cryptic are planning to move the current test build to live servers in the first week of December in preparation for the full switch over, and they're starting the monthly in-game currency wage early for gold members.

Neverwinter will now be a free-to-play MMO

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[bcvideo id="983968576001"]
Cryptic's Neverwinter was announced as a co-op RPG from the creators of Champions Online and Star Trek Online. Built with a modified version of the Star Trek Online engine and set in the summery but zombie-blighted D&D city of Neverwinter. Eurogamer report that it will be turned into a free-to-play MMO. All quests, areas and expansions will be free, but you'll be able to pay for pets, fancy clothing items and consumables. The release date has been pushed back to late 2012 to give Cryptic a bit of time to change the way the entire game works.

Cryptic's superhero MMO, Champions Online went free-to-play earlier this year and Star Trek Online is set to take the plunge before the year is out. Cryptic was bought up by Perfect World Entertainment this year, a company that specialises in publishing free-to-play MMOs like the recently released Rusty Hearts. Whatever Cryptic make next, expect it to be free to play.

E3 2011: Neverwinter teaser trailer arrives, new site launched

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Nothing says 'high fantasy RPG' better than a shot of an ancient tome burning away and a voice-over declaring "THIS CITY PROMISES DEATH FOR THE MEEK."

It's been a while since we heard anything about Neverwinter, and it seems to have slimmed down a bit in the interim. It's now referred to as a co-op action RPG, not an MMO. It's built on on D&D rules that'll have you and four friends (or NPC companions) grouping together to take on quests.

Cryptic promise a strong storyline, but also want players to be able to create their own adventures using an "extremely user friendly content generation system, tentatively named Forge." Cryptic developed similar tools, also called 'The Forge' for their Star Trek Online MMO. There's no solid release date for this one just yet. Check out the newly launched Neverwinter site for more.

20% lifetime subscription to Champions Online: Free For All

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Yes, you read that right: you can save a whooping 20% if you purchase a lifetime subscription for Champions Online: Free for All - a game that's subscription free. Read on for details.

Champions Online free-to-play launch dated

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It's time to bring out the Lycra and brush up on your eye lasers. Superhero MMO, Champions Online, will be free-to-play on January 25th, meaning we get to rid the world of evil and injustice without having to pay a penny.

Fleet Admirals to live up to their name in STO

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Are you ready to lead? Star Trek Online's executive producer Dan Stahl announced that the rank earned at the next level cap (61), Fleet Admiral, is more than just a name--players will finally be given the ability to control and manage a fleet of their own!

Free games for the long weekend [Giveaway]

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Those of us in the United States have a three-day weekend coming up, and this isn't one of those "family" holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving. This is boring ol' Labor Day, which, for gamers, means that we're looking at a solid 72 hours of prime gaming time. But what about the gamer whose gaming collection has run low? How will they possibly fill the long weekend without new games to play? Don't worry, as always, PC Gamer's got your back. Here's our roundup of games with free-to-play weekends, open betas, or recently launched free-to-play games to keep you interested. And if that's not enough, we're giving away five retail games to keep you gaming all weekend long and beyond!

Neverwinter: a co-op RPG from Atari and Cryptic

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Atari and Cryptic have announced a new game set in the Neverwinter universe. It'll have five-man co-op, a storyline- and quest-creation utility, and will be out in the last leg of 2011.

Star Trek Online: more levels, weekly content

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"Every week we plan to have something new for players to do," Star Trek Online's executive producer Daniel Stahl told Cryptic's plan is to emulate the weekly, episodic "tee vee shows" that Star Trek was apparently based on in the distant past, before it was made into a movie for the first time ever in 2009.

Star Trek Online executive producer quits

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Craig Zinkievich, Executive Producer at Cryptic Studios, has just magically transformed into Craig Zinkievich, stay-at-home-Dad.