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Cooler Master HAF XB case: the ultimate PC test bench?

Dave James at

I’m a tinkerer, I can’t help it. I love digging around in the innards of my PC to see how it ticks, or, more often, why it isn’t ticking. Cooler Master’s chassis design bods are obviously tinkerers too, because they’ve just announced the new HAF XB case.

Now, it may look like I’m going off on one about yet another mini-ITX chassis when most of you are sporting full ATX machines. But wait! This too is an ATX case, able to house any standard-size motherboard, with all the componenty goodness that entails.

Cooler Master Seidon 120M liquid CPU chiller releases this month

Dave James at

Cooler Master have decided it's now safe to get back into the water-cooling game and are releasing the new Seidon 120M onto the market this month. With a price tag of around £50 this closed-loop water cooler isn't sitting too high on the price spectrum, though I would expect Cooler Master to be releasing an £80-odd Seidon 240M with a double fan array and larger reservoir quite soon after.

The Seidon 120M is the now-classic style of liquid CPU chiller with a 120mm PWM fan attached to an equivalent-sized water reservoir, all linked up to a diminutive water block that sits atop your CPU. The fan can operate between 600 and 2,400RPM, so that PWM function ought to allow for the ability to balance performance and noise.

Cooler Master joins mechanical keyboard club

Adam Oxford at

Once upon a time a mechanical keyboards seemed to be typing their way into extinction. Their loud and bouncy buttons appeared very old fashioned and expensive against a legion of slender Apple clones. Now, no serious peripherals company can be taken seriously without a mechanised letter rack to its name, and barely a week goes by without another one joining the fray.

The latest firm to do so is Cooler Master. Better known for its cases and power supplies, it's been slowly building up its Storm gaming brand over the last couple of years, and just like Corsair before it has announced a Cherry MX Black-toting keyboard as its premiere gear du guerre.