GRID 2's first in-game trailer is all about the speed

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Codemasters might be getting a little carried away. Sure, GRID 2 is all about going ridiculously fast, but they don't have to apply that philosophy to every aspect of their production. Take this trailer - the first dedicated showing of in-game footage. It lasts a scant one minute and ten seconds. Take out all the surrounding logos and you're left with 37 seconds of high-speed action. Guys! It's not a race!

Codemasters face job cuts, Grid 2 and F1 reportedly unaffected

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Codemasters is currently in consultation with members of staff, who were told yesterday that they were at risk of redundancy. An anonymous source for GamesIndustry International claims that around 80 job cuts are being planned. While Codemasters have confirmed that the company has proposed a restructure, and that the consultation process has started, they say that their core titles - including Grid 2 and the F1 series - should be unaffected.

Grid 2 trailers show raw pre-alpha footage of Chicago and the Californian coast

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Here's the sort of trailer I like to see. A couple of minutes of straightforward in-game footage. If you play Grid 2, it will look like this. There's no dubstep, crash cuts, sparks or explosions, just some cars racing around pre-alpha builds of a pair of tracks. The Californian coast track features a Boss Mustang and a classic Mustang Mach 1. The Chicago race features a Camaro SS, Z06 Corvette and another Boss Mustang, which are excellent cars as far as I know, but when it comes to cars I don't know much. Allow me to distract you with some raw, unedited footage of Grid 2 while I flee on a scooter.

Grid 2 screenshots almost indistinguishable from reality

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Some fresh Grid 2 screenshots have popped up on All Games Beta, showing mighty fast vehicles shuffling for position in a world of blurry colours. The updated engine Codemasters are bringing to to sequel looks pretty nice. Almost real, in fact. I've snuck a picture of a real car into the line up below. See if you can pick out the real car from the game shots. Good luck.

F1 2012 developer diary reveals first footage

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Codemasters have released a new developer diary for F1 2012 with a first look at gameplay footage.

Grid 2 announced with speedy screenshots and a debut trailer

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Good news, street racing fans, Grid is back! Codemasters announce that a sequel will be here next year. Expect better AI and an updated version of Grid's driving model as Codemasters attempt to hit "a sweetspot between accessibility and simulation." An updated version of the EGO promises to deliver shinier, sparkier wrecks across a collection of tracks set in Paris, Abu Dhabi, Miami, California, Paris and more.

Dirt Showdown review

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F1 Race Stars to offer colourful arcade take on Formula One

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Codemasters have announced F1 Race Stars, a Formula One racer with a colourful, lighthearted skew. The announce trailer provides a quick tease of the game and doubles as a study of the effects of acceleration on the brain. Is this what Lewis Hamilton sees all of the time?

Race Stars will convert classic F1 tracks like Monaco, Silverstone and the new Austin and Texas tracks into craaazy alternative versions that exaggerate each circuit's most famous features. It'll support 12 player races and offer an "extensive career mode" for solo play. The sport's biggest drivers have also been turned into less aerodynamic bobblehead versions of themselves for maximum d'awww factor.

F1 2012 screenshots make little 'vroom' noises in your head

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Codemasters have released some new 'work in progress' screenshots from F1 2012 via their facebook page, as spotted by VG247. Unsurprisingly, they're mostly pictures of cars, but this time they look even more like cars then they did last time! They're still worth a look though, because they're astonishingly pretty. You can almost hear the vroom sounds.

Codemasters drop shooters and action games for cars, form Codemasters Racing label

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UK-based Publisher and developer Codemasters have given up making shooters, choosing instead to focus on racing games. The company have launched a new publishing label - Codemasters Racing - that will be responsible for putting out Codemasters' upcoming games. They include the inconsistently capitalised but consistently good DiRT rally series, and the similarly speedy official F1 games.

Codemasters' comms chief Rich Eddy clarified the change to MCV. "In racing, we are number two in Europe and that’s not good enough. Racing is our DNA, it is our heritage, it is our specialisation and it is our absolute focus going forward." No clues as to where that leaves Dizzy in this shakeup.

DiRT Showdown will be the first gAmE (that's how you do it, right?) to be released under the new imprint. The change is surely a good move for the publisher. They're pack leaders in the racing oeuvre, but recent forays out of it haven't met with much success. A focus of assets and resources on the games they're best at makes sense.

Dirt Showdown trailer reveals May 25 release date, demo due May 1

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The trailer above loudly announces that Dirt Showdown will be released on May 25. A demo will be released on Steam in a couple of weeks on May 1 if you fancy trying out Showdown's lively, arcade slant on the relatively serious rallying of the core Dirt games. That'll let us crash a selection of cars across a "solo and multiplayer event."

Showdown features rough and tumble races set amid boisterous carnival locations. Expect ramps, choke points, stunts and plenty of collisions. Previous trailers have shown crashes on the 8 ball arena, crashes in the midst of crowded night time contests and crashes during frantic midday bouts. If that's not enough crashing, there's a destruction derby mode solely devoted to dishing out points for big hits.

Dirt Showdown trailer shows reasonably fast racing and the occasional explosion

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Dirt: Showdown footage shows demolition derby and night races

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Codemasters stopped by earlier with a preview build of Dirt: Showdown. It's living up to its billing as a more accessible, rough and tumble take on the carefully simulated physics of Dirt 3. You won't find any serious Rallying here, it's all about going wheel to wheel with your competitors, ploughing them into barriers and boosting past them to steal the win with brute force.

We'll have some more detailed impressions for you in a bit. Meanwhile, here's three new videos of three of the different modes available in Dirt 3, including your racing, demolition derby and more of the 8 ball circuit shown in the last Dirt: Showdown trailer. Click 'Read and Comment' for more VRRRRRM-SMASH.

Dirt Showdown trailer shows 8 Ball arena

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Dirt Showdown bears the Dirt name associated with Colin McRae and, once upon a time, serious rally racing, but is really more of an arcade spin-off. This new trailer shows off an "8 Ball" course. It's like those Hot Wheels toys where you'd launch cars down convoluted tracks towards a central crash site, where they'd collide and fly off to hit your dog in the eye. This time, you're inside those cars, and some of them are spouting fire.

Showdown's focus is on Destruction Derbies and "full contact" racing, with lots of ramps and choke points, and will apparently make use of "gaming's most advanced damage engine." Move aside, Frostbite 2! It's due out in May and was announced with an announcement trailer a few weeks ago which looked a little bit like this.

F1 Online open for closed beta registration

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Codemasters’ free-to-play web-based racer F1 Online has opened for closed beta registration ahead of its launch in the first quarter of next year. The Unity-powered top-down racer includes assets from F1 2011, and includes the requisite team management on top of the driving.

From what we’ve seen it’s rather entertaining, pleasingly recalling Codemasters’ own long-lost Micro Machines franchise, albeit in a shinier package. The top-down single-button controls aren’t going to please those who’ve spent thousands on recreating the interior of an F1 car in front of their monitors, but the low system requirements could make it a lunch-break hit.

Sign up for the closed beta here (warning: requires stupidly complicated password and the drop-down boxes are tiny), watch the brand-spankin’-new trailer above, and see the brand-spankin'-new beta screenshots below.

Codemasters resurrecting Dizzy, egg puns hard to ovoid

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It looks as though Codies are bringing back everyone's favourite sentient egg from the 1980s, Dizzy. Codemasters comms director Rich Eddy has been teasing the announcement on Twitter, linking to a teaser site and the teaser video above. In case there was any doubt that it's a Dizzy announcement, the video shows a man rescuing a copy of Dizzy: Prince of the Yolkfolk from a warehouse and blowing the dust off the cover. Symbolism!

Eddy says "we'll name the date for #EggmergenceDay tomorrow." Hopefully it'll also be coming to PC. I confess that I only played one Dizzy game, and I barely remember it because I was about five. Did you play the original series? What would you like to see from a Dizzy revival?

F1 2011 review

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Driving an F1 car is difficult. Well, driving one fast is. Just about anyone with a driving licence could pootle one around a track, but to get the most out of it, you need a supernatural ability to hit the brakes a few metres later than when your instinct begs you to. You need to carry a few more miles per hour through the apex and get back on the gas a few moments earlier than the opposition.

Last year’s game touched on that spirit, and now Codemasters Birmingham have sent a few thousand volts through the suspension for 2011.

F1 2011 released, launch trailer races in slow motion

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[bcvideo id="1169117993001"]
F1 2011 is now available in North America, with a European release set for this Friday. The new entry in the series has been impressing us here in the office, especially the co-op campaign mode, which lets you experience the curious combination of co-operation and rivalry that fellow racing team members enjoy.

To celebrate the launch, Codemasters have released a new trailer for the game, showing off the gorgeous looking visuals and a stirring soundtrack. It's like a slow motion waltz around the track, which is decidedly unlike the high speed nature of sport itself, but makes for a very pretty video.

Our review of F1 2011 will be in PC Gamer UK 232, which arrives in stores on the 28th of September.

Operation Flashpoint studio to close, Codemasters to focus on racing titles

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News arrives from that Codemasters is closing down its Guildford studio, which has previously worked on the recent Operation Flashpoint games, and the poorly received console shooter, Bodycount.

Codemaster's official statement says that the publisher will be concentrating on growing the teams based at their Warwickshire and Birmingham studios, responsible for racing titles like DiRT, GRID, F1 Online and F1 2011. The closure of the Guildford studio means we're not likely to see any more shooters from Codemasters in the foreseeable future.

F1 2011 trailer shows co-op championship mode

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[bcvideo id="1148540287001"]
The co-op championship is a new addition for F1 2011. It lets two players race through a Formula One season as drivers in the same team. There's always an intense rivalry between fellow team members, partly because racing drivers are a naturally competitive breed, but mainly because the team leader's car will be the first to receive any technological upgrades the constructor's garage cooks up. If you get your nose-cone in front, you stand even more of a chance of grabbing a podium slot. F1 2011 is out on September 20 in the US, September 22 in Australia, and September 23 in the UK.