City of Titans

City of Heroes "spiritual successor" could become an official resurrection

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City of Titans, the in-development spiritual successor to the canceled superhero MMO City of Heroes, was a big hit on Kickstarter last year, raising more than double its not-insignificant goal of $320,000. But it turns out that a group of superhero stalwarts has even bigger plans for the game: They've been in negotiations with NCsoft since early this summer, and there's now a proposal on the table that could see the game become an official sequel.

City of Titans fully funded, hits first Kickstarter stretch goal

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A mere five days ago we saw the launch of a Kickstarter project for City of Titans, the spiritual successor to crime-fighting MMO City of Heroes. Developer Missing Worlds Media has now blown past its funding goal of $320,000 and shows no signs of a significant slowdown. With funds topping $360,000 as of this writing, City of Titans has already unlocked its first stretch goal, an Android port of the Avatar Builder.

City of Heroes successor City of Titans leaps onto Kickstarter

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The Phoenix Project has landed in the streets of Kickstarter, hoping to bring four-color heroics and villainy in the spirit of City of Heroes back to the MMO space. The team at Missing Worlds Media is asking for $320,000 to make City of Titans, almost $190,000 of which they have already raised as of this writing.