The Humble Store raises $1 million for charity

Andy Chalk at

Capitalizing on the popularity of the Humble Bundles, the Humble Store launched late last year, offering a raft of games both indie and otherwise. And much like its bundle forebears, it also committed to the ongoing support of good causes through the donation of ten percent of all sales to charity. That may not sound like a very big slice of the pie, but in a little over half a year it's added up to more than one million dollars.

Get Escape Goat 2 and Goat Simulator by donating to goat-themed charity

Shaun Prescott at

Ask the person nearest to you how they feel about goats. It is unlikely they will say they hate goats, because humankind tends to look fondly on goatkind. Sometimes it feels like there are too few goats though, and that’s where video games and charity come into the equation: by donating to goat-themed charity Heifer International, you will not only contribute a real life goat to farmers in need, but you will also receive two goat-themed computer games for your efforts.

Gabe Newell says he'll do a Reddit AMA if charity event raises enough money

Tom Sykes at

I'm willing to bet that you have some questions for Gabe Newell. Questions like 'How did you cultivate such a magnificent beard?', 'Who's your favourite Thundercat?', and 'Why was Tom Hanks snubbed in this year's Oscar nominations?' Also something about Half-Life 3. Soon, all your questions will be answered. Maybe. Depending on a few things. The biggest being the little matter of the $500,000. Valve's resident overlord took to Reddit earlier to promote the Heart of Racing charity event, and after answering a few questions and proving that he's the real deal, Newell said he'll participate in an AMA (Ask Me Anything) if the event raises $500K in donations.

Awesome Games Done Quick 2014 is streaming speedruns for charity

Phil Savage at

Charity speedrunning event Awesome Games Done Quick 2014 is all about doing things in a timely manner. That's kind of ironic, given that I'm posting about it a good two days after the event's opener last Sunday. The good news is that, despite being slow off the mark, you've still got another four days of non-stop speedrun livestreaming to enjoy. And it's all in the name of charity.

SpecialEffect launches crowdfunding campaign Playing With Your Eyes

Phil Savage at

Crowdfunding isn't just about resuscitating genres, pandering to nostalgia, and making roguelikes. The charity SpecialEffect have just launched their first crowdfunding project, Playing With Your Eyes. They're looking to raise £5950 to purchase specialist eye-controlled equipment, which would help bring gaming to people with severe disabilities. Look at this way: Star Citizen probably has enough money.

Mine-Thon 2 raises over $10,000 for Child's Play charity

Chuck Osborn at

The second Mine-Thon concluded at 11AM PST today, with the weekend-long event earning a total of $10,148 for Child's Play--more than double the amount raised last year. Like old-school telethons, the fundraiser, created by Ethan Smith in 2011, has a simple concept: Six brave volunteers play Minecraft for 72 hours straight and stream their adventures on the Internet to inspire donations. All proceeds, processed by PayPal, go straight to Child's Play, a game industry charity devoted to improving the lives of sick children.

Melt your golden wrench for charity

Jaz McDougall at

The guy that holds golden wrench number 31 is melting his wrench for charity. He's getting together with some of the other wrench holders and doing a sponsored Australium-melting session on the 31st of August, and the 20 highest-rolling chariteers will get to join him in the server. Here's a video that sums it up nicely: