Catzilla benchmark brings feline vengeance upon your computer

Perry Vandell at

Let’s be honest, most of the ways we test out our computer rigs are boring. You have the fury donut thing, or, like the benchmarks in most games, a camera zooming through a detailed environment with nothing happening. They work fine enough, but if the internet has taught me anything, it’s that cats make almost everything better—a fact the benchmarking software Catzilla has taken to heart.

Catzilla benchmark teaser reveals what cats dream about all the time

Tom Senior at

Oh sure, they look cute snoozing away at the foot of the bed, but that's when your cat's sociopathic fantasies play out. If you don't think that cats dream about lasering cities to death then you've been duped. Catzilla is a real-time tech demo from the creators of strange exploration game, Datura. When it's released you'll be able to download it to test your PC's power, but I'm more interested in what the girl's going to do with that giant electric cat pill. Brace yourself for oddness.