Ultra Street Fighter IV's free Omega mode focuses on fun over balance

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The PC version of Ultra Street Fighter IV should really be the one to get, but persistent connection issues related to the switchover from Games for Windows Live to Steamworks have put a rather large spanner in the works. Thankfully, the game appears to be on the mend. Capcom have announced a new patch aiming to fix these issues, but that will also add a brand new mode to the game. Omega mode focuses on fun over finely tuned balance, returning moves that might previously have been nixed in the name of balance, and giving the game's 44 characters "new normal and special attacks".

Resident Evil Revelations 2 will be an episodic release; first trailer revealed

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An unexpected revelation: Resident Evil Revelations 2 will be released episodically. The sequel to the 3DS Resi—later ported to PC—will arrive in four weekly episodes. If you follow that announcement through to its logical conclusions, we are going to be in for some ridiculous cliff-hangers.

Resident Evil 5, Dead Rising 2 dropping Games for Windows Live in favor of Steamworks

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I don't know about you, but I'm at the point now that when I hear about games transitioning away from Games for Windows Live, my immediate reaction is surprise that there are still games out there using Games for Windows Live. But there are, among them the popular Capcom titles Resident Evil 5 and Dead Rising 2—but not for much longer.

Dead Rising 3 review

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The city of Los Perdidos, a fictional riff on Los Angeles, has a serious zombie problem. Everywhere you look they’re there, shuffling, shambling, and groaning. So it’s a good thing you have over 300 objects to hit them with. Dead Rising’s thing has always been its vast array of deadly, and silly, weapons, and the third game has taken this idea to new extremes.

Resident Evil Revelations 2 announced; first trailer for remastered Resi 1

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[Update: Capcom have confirmed that Resident Evil Revelations 2 is indeed coming to PC.]

I have some good news for fans of Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, and some bad news for fans of Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine. I'll start with the good. Capcom have released the first trailer for their twice-remastered Resident Evil 1—and Chris and Jill (and, of course, Barry) are all present and correct, in their Gamecube iterations that hadn't yet been 'roided or sexed up for more recent games. Capcom revealed the trailer after Sony's pre-TGS 2014 conference, during which a sequel to Resident Evil Revelations was announced.

The bad news is that Revelations 2 won't feature Chris or Jill, instead starring a new set of characters. The other bad news is that a PC version of 2 wasn't mentioned, but seeing as the original eventually wended its way onto Steam, it seems likely that we'll be getting the sequel too.

Ultra Street Fighter IV beta update available, opt-in to help Capcom fix their game

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A couple of weeks ago I wrote about Super/Ultra/Mega Hyper Duper Street Fighter IV, and how the online situation is a bit of a mess since Capcom ditched Games for Windows Live for Steamworks. Capcom said they were working on fixes, and now they've applied some in a new beta version of Ultra SFIV available on Steam. This forum post has details on how to opt-in.

Street Fighter IV's Steamworks transition not going smoothly; Capcom working on fixes

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Games for Windows Live is the gift that keeps on giving. First it was dead, then it was not dead, and now it's causing trouble from beyond the hypothetical grave in Capcom's Super/Ultra Street Fighter IV. Capcom announced that they were making the transition from GfWL to Steamworks a couple of months ago, and now that's it's happened all sorts of connection and lag problems are occurring. Ultra SFIV's Steam forums page is awash with posts detailing a cornucopia of issues, which mostly appear to be related to the game's netcode.

Resident Evil 1 returning to PC in remastered form, will release early 2015

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My research suggests that Resident Evil's PC port wasn't an unholy crime against taste, decency and badly translated dialogue. Certainly nothing that would forewarn players of the horrors contained within Resident Evil 4's first PC release. Despite not being actively terrible, Capcom are fast becoming the remasters of unlocking, and so have decided give Resi 1 a brand new makeover for PC (and consoles).

Dead Rising 3 launching as Apocalypse Edition on PC, will include Untold Stories DLCs

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Games have really diluted the sense of excitement and fear that should be conveyed by the word "apocalypse". Also from the words "dead", "rising", and "3". Dead Rising 3: Apocalypse edition should be an emotive name. Really, they may as well have called it Dead Meandering 3: Irritation Edition. Still, whatever the name, maybe its contents will be to your liking. Capcom have announced that all PC versions of the game are being upgraded to this special edition, and will come bundled with the four Untold Stories DLC packs.

Dead Rising 3 release date has been quietly confirmed by Steam sale

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Usually publishers make a big song and dance about release date announcements, but here’s an exception: a September 5 release date has quietly been confirmed for Dead Rising 3. No billion dollar CGI trailer was involved, nor any designedly cryptic teaser websites. The news comes via the Steam Summer Sale, which lists the game’s release date as well as a 25 per cent discount on pre-orders. That means you can get it for US$37.49 instead of $49.99.

Dead Rising 3 hands-on: improvised zombie massacre is still fun at 30FPS

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Today I spent about half an hour playing the PC version of Dead Rising 3, the release of which on PC this summer came as a real surprise given how high-profile it was on the Xbox One's launch roster last year. The big news is that the framerate is locked at 30fps like on Xbox, though Capcom said during my demo that they support any community attempt to unlock it—there just won't be support for it in this released version.

Microsoft supports the release of the game on PC, despite publishing it on Xbox One, which is actually a bit of a surprise given it's only been seven months since the console's launch. The good part is, even without the framerate that players deserve, it's easy to make it look better than the Xbox One version with the deluge of advanced options available.

Dead Rising 3 announced for PC, will release this Summer

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And another E3 announcement misses the conference. Earlier this week, Dead Rising 3 appeared on the Steam database, leading to speculation that it was coming to PC. Capcom have now confirmed that speculation with a trailer, and with the words "Dead Rising 3 for PC".

Dead Rising 3 shows up on Steam Database, could come to PC soon

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Console exclusivity has a habit of fading away over time—Below is one of several games that recently broadened its scope—and it seems to be happening more and more. New evidence suggests that Capcom's Dead Rising 3, an exclusive Xbox One launch game, may also be headed to the PC.

Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition ditching GfW Live for Steamworks this Friday

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The list of Games for Windows Live games grows ever-smaller, which is a good thing, as—if their brief (and subsequently deleted) support update last year was correct—it'll be closing in July. Capcom had previously revealed plans to transition Street Fighter IV and Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, and, for the preposterously initialled SSFIVAE at least, have now announced when that switch will take place.

Fans remaking Capcom's cancelled Mega Man Legends 3 prototype for PC

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I've spent a lot of time over the last six years writing about Nintendo games, and my most crushing Nintendo-related disappointment during that time was probably the announcement, and subsequent cancellation, of Mega Man Legends 3. It was to be a game designed, in part, by the fans - Capcom spent a lot of time consulting with the fanbase on their now-defunct Devroom site. Their plan was to release a MGS: Ground Zeroes-style prototype/prologue version on the 3DS eShop, before following up with the full game at a later date. That seemingly-fairly-complete prototype was later axed by Capcom, along with the whole miserable, hopes-raising project.

Why am I going on about this, and how does it relate to PC gaming? Well the fans have decided to make MML3: Prototype Version on their own, in Unity - and based on the first blast of gameplay footage, it seems to be coming along extraordinarily well.

Resident Evil 4 HD update fixes framerate drops, Capcom tackling other community issues

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A new patch for classic action game Resident Evil 4 HD arrived late last week, bringing with it a handful of tweaks and bug fixes. It’s nothing groundbreaking, but what is encouraging is that this RE4's fifth update in as many weeks. Updates seem to be scheduled for every Friday for the foreseeable future, a schedule that shows Capcom is absolutely serious about supporting this PC port. As the grumpy survivors of too many terrible PC ports, this is a commitment we'd like to celebrate.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 trailer unveils fifth new playable character

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Capcom have released a new trailer for Hyper Mega Giga Ultra Street Fighter IV. As well as rounding up the four already-announced playable characters set to make an SF4 entrance through this upcoming upgraded edition, it also reveals the fifth, entirely new fighter: Decapre. She's a brainwashed member of creepy-ol' Bison's all-girl Dolls squad, and, as is traditional for the Street Fighter universe, is proficient at the punching.

Resident Evil 4 HD video impressions: Tim and Sam celebrate an action classic

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A HD rendition of a classic game can introduce new audiences to missing links in gaming's evolutionary chain. Resident Evil 4 is one such link, a brave rethink of Resident Evil's original formula that retained the horror, the bosses, and Umbrella's carefully alphabetised viruses, but moved the series in a livelier, gorier direction. Resident Evil 4 HD finally has finally given us a worthy PC edition, as you'll discover in our review, but we wanted to talk a bit about why it's so good, and why it matters. Tim and Sam brought their thoughts to camera, as you'll see in the video below.

Strider review

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A great power fantasy can be a wonderful thing, and in this respect, Strider should have been one of the best. This resurrection of the 1989 arcade game follows a ninja so fast and skilled that he’s able to cut down a squad of enemies without ever slowing to a walk, and at full speed with a swinging sword, Strider's raw energy is a joy to control.

Resident Evil 4 HD review

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Resident Evil 4 is nine years old, and still the best action game I've ever played. It's still thrilling when I nail four Ganados with a single shotgun blast, still tense when I face down a relentless Iron Maiden before it impales me with deadly spikes. I'm on edge even when I know I'm safe, still creeped out by the foreboding pressure Resident Evil 4 constantly exerts through its thumping industrial soundtrack and grim environments.